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1 Measurement and uncertainties

Physics is all about deriving relationships between quantities so that we are able to make predictions. To derive relationships, we need to be able to measure the size of the quantities.A large ball of...

1 Mediciones e incertidumbres

La física se encarga de derivar relaciones entre cantidades para que seamos capaces de hacer predicciones. Para derivar esas relaciones tenemos que poder hacer mediciones del tamaño de las cantidades.

2.1 Distance, displacement, speed and velocity

If you look up distance in a dictionary you will find it has many different meanings. It's the same for displacement. In physics, words mean one thing and one thing only; the meaning is specified clearly...

2.1 Distancia, desplazamiento, rapidez y velocidad

Si buscas la palabra 'distancia' en un diccionario encontrarás que tiene muchos significados distintos. Lo mismo ocurre con 'desplazamiento'. En física, las palabras tienen un único significado, y...

3.1 Particle nature of matter

In mechanics we accounted for the loss of energy when a block is pulled along a rough surface by assuming that the block is made of particles called atoms. Once this assumption was made it was easy to...

3.1 Partículas como naturaleza de la materia

En física mecánica asumimos que la energía que se pierde cuando un bloque se arrastra sobre una superficie áspera se debe a que el bloque está compuesto por átomos. Una vez que asumimos esto, es...

4.1 (+9.1) Oscillations

It would be impossible to write an equation for the motion of a fly buzzing about a room (or a hummingbird about a woodland). There needs to be some pattern in the movement that we can replicate mathematically....

4.1 Oscilaciones

Sería imposible escribir una ecuación para el movimiento de una mosca volando en una habitación (o de un colibrí en un bosque). Para poder replicar un movimiento matemáticamente hace falta que este...

5.1 Electric fields

Electricity has become so interweaved with our lives that it is difficult to imagine life without it! But human life existed before household electricity.On the other hand, consider the electric force....

5.1 Campos eléctricos

La electricidad ha ganado tanta importancia es nuestras vidas que ahora ¡es difícil imaginarnos la vida sin ella! Pero la vida humana existía antes de que tuviésemos electricidad en nuestras casas.

6.1 Circular motion

If you have ever found yourself hanging on for dear life as you are flung in a circle on a white-knuckle ride at the fairground, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that there is a force pushing you...

6.1 Movimiento circular

Si alguna vez has estado agarrándote a un cinturón en un parque de atracciones como si se te fuera la vida en ello te habrá sido fácil concluir que existe una fuerza alejándote del centro del círculo.

7.1 Atomic models

Ancient Greek philosophers thought that you can't keep cutting a piece of cheese forever. There must be a point when you get to the smallest bit of cheese possible. They also thought that the universe...

7.1 Modelos atómicos

En la Antigua Grecia l@s filósof@s pensaban que un trozo de queso no se podía seguir cortando infinitamente. Tenía que haber un punto en el que se llegase al trozo de queso más pequeño posible. También...

8.1-8.2 Power production

This last topic is a good way to end the SL course. We will take bits of theory from mechanics, thermal physics, electricity, atomic physics and nuclear physics to explain the principles of power production....

8.1 - 8.2 Producción de energía

Este último tema es una buena forma de terminar con el curso de NS. Haremos uso de teorías de física mecánica, térmica, electricidad, física atómica y nuclear para explicar las bases de la producción...

9.2-9.4 Diffraction and interference of light

So far we have dealt with diffraction and interference on a qualitative level; by now you should understand the basics and make some predictions of increases or decreases but not calculate values. You'll...

11.1-11.2 Electromagnetic induction

Over the last 10 years, worldwide sales of electric cars have increased from 20 thousand to 5 million. Norway is in the lead with 50% of all electric car sales. This makes the topic of electromagnetic...

11.3 Capacitance

Capacitors are electrical components used in circuits requiring timing or smoothing. They store charge, which is then released at a rate that can be controlled.First let us consider a charged metal sphere...

12.1 Quantum physics

We know that low pressure gases only emit light of specific wavelengths that form a line spectrum. This leads us to believe that electrons only exist in certain discrete energy levels. We say electron...

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