IB Core

  • An introduction to the IB Diploma programme.
  • The learner profile and what it means in our physics classes.
  • What is TOK, an introduction by Richard van der Lagermaat.
  • How to encourage students to use what they do in their physics class in TOK.
  • Physics and the TOK essay.
  • A student guide to writing an extended essay.
  • The role of the extended essay supervisor and how to be a good one.
  • An explanation of the extended essay assessment criteria.
  • An example of an excellent extended essay (well I  would think it was excellent since I wrote it)
  • What it's like to write an extended essay, my personal experience.

The IB Diploma

The IB course can be represented by a circle. The circle is divided into six sections, each representing one of the six diploma subjects. These six sections enclose the core of extended essay, theory of knowledge and CAS.

The 6 subjects are like petals of flower held together by the extended essay and TOK. You could argue that the extended essay should be in one of the petals since it is written in only one subject however the skills of essay writing used are relevant to all subjects so skills wise it should be in the middle. TOK fits well in the centre since it connects the subjects but I see CAS as all encompassing rather than at the centre. In this representation the petals are all separate however they should be interlinked, maths and science, language A and language B etc. in practice this is however not always the case and anyway it would spoil the picture.

Selected Pages


Extended Essay 29 December 2020

The Extended Essay guide is the ultimate place to go for all official IB information on this aspect of the Diploma. This...


EE Exemplars 30 August 2020

Some grade A examples


Learner Profile 16 September 2018

The International Baccalaureate have suggested 10 attributes that will enable Diploma students to fulfill its mission statement.Inquirers...


Theory of Knowledge 9 September 2018

Although I was involved in team teaching the whole of the TOK course for a couple of years I am certainly no TOK expert...


Assessment (2018) 12 March 2017

This section was written by Geoff Neuss a former principal examiner of extended essays in chemistry, author of thinkib physics...


Writing an Extended Essay 7 November 2012

Some sections of this website are strictly teacher only however this part is for students. I have tried to use both my...

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