MCQs: Oscillations

As the large wheel in the diagram rotates the hanging ball is made to move up and down.
If the diameter of the large wheel is 6cm the amplitude of the small ball will be








For the pendulum shown in the animation the Tension in the string is greatest at













The ball has max velocity at C. If you think of the ball moving in a part of a circle then the centripetal force is greatest when the ball is traveling fastest.

The time taken for a pedulum to complete 20 swings is 30 seconds.
The frequency of the pendulum is


time for 1 swing = 30/20
frequecncy = 1/time for 1 swing = 20/30

When the ball in the animation reaches point A its












When the ball is at the equilibrium position the forces are balanced so acceleration is zero.

For the oscillation shown, when the pendulum is at point A











When the ball is displaced there will be a restoring force towards the centre, the acceleration is in the same direction as the force.

For the two pendula shown; compared to the blue one, the red one has











Given that the scale in the animation is a cm scale the amplitude of the oscillation is


Amplitude is the distance from the centre to the position of maximum displacement

For the oscillation shown the angular frequency is


The time period is 2s so the frequency is 0.5 Hz
Angular frequency is 2πf

The frequency for the oscillation shown is


Frequency = 1/T = 1/2

A pendulum swings as shown.

The time period of the motion is











Time taken for one complete there and back swing.

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