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Asking questions 31 August 2016

One of the most important skills that we can help our students to develop is the skill of "asking questions." This is fundamental to the inquiry process. When students ask good questions, they demonstrate... more

Infographics 11 February 2016

Helping our students to organize the information for two years of psychology is a real challenge. Whether students take their notes in notebooks or on laptops - whether you give them your notes or they... more

Choosing studies 24 January 2016

One of the banes of the IB Psychology course is the number of studies that students are expected to learn. For a long time I have been telling workshop participants to look for two-fers - that is, studies... more

The Hawthorne Effect 22 November 2015

One of the evaluation strategies used by students on the exam is the "Hawthorne Effect." This is often used as a synonym for demand characteristics. I think that this needs a bit of clarification. more

Lightening the load... 21 August 2015

One of the struggles of being a teacher is the endless pile of marking. Students need to work on their writing in order to clearly articulate the response to the exam prompts, but teachers end up spending... more

Revision time 29 March 2015

If you are like me, this week I am wrapping up the course and getting ready for revision. Revision for me is always one of the most difficult times of the year. It is the time of the year when students... more

Domino causality 1 February 2015

I recently read the book, Learning Causality in a Complex World by Tina Grotzer. A book that I feel should get more attention.So often in our course our students write about “cause and effect relationships.”... more

Closing the relevance gap 17 August 2014

It’s the beginning of another school year in Prague. The question is always “how do you get started?” Do you say, ‘Today we are going to begin the IA, so let’s go over the rubric?” Do you... more

Twofers - or maybe threefers 29 March 2014

For most of us in the Northern hemisphere, we are wrapping up our courses and it is time to start revision. Here is a simple idea of how to get started. The key to starting revision is the simple mantra:... more

Mock speed dating 13 January 2014

Aren't we all looking for ways to liven up revision either for mock exams or for the end of the year? I find revision to be one of the most uninspiring parts of the year and I am always trying to find... more