Speed dating revision

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Revision is something that should be happening constantly in the classroom over the two years of your course.  It is important that students do not forget what they learned in the first few units as they cruise toward exams at the end of year 2.  One way to do this is by getting them to work with classmates at the beginning of class.

There are two ways that I do this.  Sometimes, I want to review something very specific.  For example, I want them to understand a memory model.  To begin class, ask them all to turn to their "neighbor" and update him/her on this new "Working Memory Model."  Their task is to then explain in as much detail as possible how the model works.  The neighbor should ask clarifying questions in order to make sure that s/he understands what is being said.  My job is to walk around the room and see if all is going well.

The second, and admittedly more fun, option for students is to do a "speed dating revision."

One way to do this is to have the desks set up for one-to-one "encounters", as shown in the photo above.  At each table, one person has "the card."  On this card is written a question or the name of a study.  For example - 'What are the limitations of using a case study?" or "The Whitehall Study." Students are told that they have 2 minutes per table.  The person with the card starts off with "talk to me about...." and then reveals what is on the card.  The perspective "date" then has to talk to about it.  If it is a total blank, then the cardholder can explain the concept to the obviously failed date prospect.  If neither knows, then a bit of help from the teacher may be necessary. 

After two minutes, students swich tables until they have done the revision round. 

It is a good idea to break students in half the first time you do it and to keep these teams.  Next time, those who were cardholders should be the prospective dates.

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