Standards based reporting

Wednesday 15 May 2013

If your school is like ours, then you may be using standards based reporting as a way of communicating with parents.  In our school, we also have our gradebooks online.  Our gradebooks are also organized by standards.  It is often a question as to what is the most appropriate way to merge IB assessment with the demands of standards based reporting.  This blog post will share what I have done to make this work.

Our department has come up with four relatively straight-forward standards for the social sciences:

  • Understanding content that it relevant to the field.
  • Applying critical thinking relevant to the field.
  • Effective communication (oral and written)
  • Application of appropriate research methodology

In my gradebook, I have abbreviated these to content, critical thinking, organization and methodology.

For SAQs, it is easy enough to give a content grade and for any research applications we do, including the IA, it fits under methodology - but what about an essay?

Here is the way that I give my students feedback in the gradebook, by dividing the assessment into the following markbands.  The "marks" are used to weight the components in the grade book.

Content and critical thinking (each worth 40 marks)

Organization (20 marks)

What does this mean?  I think that in the end, this provides better feedback for our students, whether we are using standards based reporting or not. This gives students a clear content, critical thinking and organization grade, which will help them to set goals for improvement.  By simply giving the final markband, they could get a high mark because the content is so fresh in their minds, but their critical thinking or organization is less than exemplary.  In addition, I think it makes it easier to talk with parents about what the students need to do to improve.

My own students have found this very helpful.  You might want to consider giving it a go....

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