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Mock speed dating

Monday 13 January 2014

Aren't we all looking for ways to liven up revision either for mock exams or for the end of the year? I find revision to be one of the most uninspiring parts of the year and I am always trying to find new ways of livening it up.  When I help my students to revise for mock exams, we are in the middle of the Human Relationships unit.  So, I thought, why not try to kill two birds with one stone?  Why not do a bit of speed dating?

In order to do this, you really need to have some gender balance in your classes.  If not, then you could always do "speed job interviews" - but I have a feeling it might not be as effective or as relevant to your unit. But then, you could tie it to the interview process.

The most important thing to decide is, who is interviewing whom.

To do this, choose one of the two genders and ask them to prepare a question from a unit that is being revised.  If it is only one unit, then all of the girls should meet (secretly, of course) to decide which learning objective they will ask their perspective date.  If there is more than one unit - for example, all three levels of analysis for a mock Paper 1 - then have the girls break into teams and do the same.  Each should have only one learning objective and should ask a single question - for example, "Could you describe one study for me that shows Social Learning Theory?"  or "Could you talk to me about the strengths and limitations of Schema Theory?"  

Then it is time to set up the room.  They should be far enough apart from each other that they do not disturb each other.  Once the speed dating begins, they get 2 minutes at each table.  They should engage in a conversation about the question until the teacher/timer announces that it is time to move on. After the whole round has happened, then it is time to switch the genders.  Now the boys get to ask the questions. What you do with the question of which person is their chosen partner is up to you.  But regardless, it may show them that knowing your stuff about psychology can be rather attractive indeed...

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