Factors influencing obesity

IB Psychology: Factors influencing obesity

The following lesson plan addresses the learning objective Discuss factors related to overeating and the development of obesity.This first lesson looks at the problem of obesity and why it is worth discussing. This sets up a context for the research and theories that they will be discussing and evaluating throughout the unit. It is worth pointing out to them that this way of establishing context to start the unit is...

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Stacey Locascio 27 March 2018 - 02:37

How should we prepare students to answer this question(and others in the health chapter)? BLOA, CLOA and SCLOA had clear and well defined studies to support the answer. As a rule of thumb I have taught my students to prepare an ERQ with at least two studies to support their answer. When answering the question about factors that may lead to obesity you suggest 2-3 factors to support the answer. Does this mean one study to support each factor with a thorough evaluation (ethics, biases, design flaws etc.) and if so where can we find this type of information about such study? You mention a few above, but no where near the detail that an ERQ requires. Not to mention, my students are starting to see double when it comes to learning more studies...so much to know. Thanks for your help!

John Crane 29 March 2018 - 12:08

Dear Stacey

If the question is "discuss factors", then the students need to have at least two factors. So, one study for each is fine. If it were to discuss one factor, then they should have two studies. So, for this learning objective, they should have three studies.

Students need to be able to answer a question of biological, cognitive or sociocultural factors " in health psychology." So, you may want to take that approach with obesity. I do this for depression for abnormal and for attraction in human relationships. It does not need to be for every aspect of the option. The other issue is that a lot of the research in the options is correlational in nature, and there is not a lot of detail about the study. This is fine for the exam; it also gives them more time to focus on their critical thinking in their writing.

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