10. Internal assessment

The Internal Assessment asks you to apply your understanding of experimental methods by replicating a published study to see if your results confirm those of the original study.

For SL candidates, this is 25% of your final IB Psychology grade.  For HL candidates, this is 20% of your final IB Psychology grade. You are allowed to submit one draft to your teacher for feedback. The final copy is submitted to the IB.

The following chapter gives you an in-depth explanation of how to carry out and write your internal assessment.

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Getting started

The basic requirements for choosing a study for replication. A review of ethical standards for experimentation.

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Writing the introduction

How to write the beginning of your report.  This includes an explanation of both the theory and the study on which your report is based.  This is also where you justify your research and state your aim and hypotheses.

Writing the exploration

The exploration explains the methodology that you used: the design, sample and procedure. It also explains how you designed the materials for your experiment. This is where you justify any changes you made to the original study that you are replicating.

Writing the analysis

The analysis is written after you have gathered all of your data.  It is here that you describe the data that you obtained and test it for significance.  It is also where you graphical represent your data for the reader.

Writing the evaluation

This is the most important part of your entire report.  This is where you evaluate your own work by outlining the strengths and limitations of your own study.  This is also where you discuss why your results may be the same or different from those in the original study.  Finally, this is also the part of the report where you discuss what you would do differently if you were to carry out more research on the theory that you investigated.

Overview of the report

This final part of the chapter is a review of the requirements for the internal assessment.  It is a good idea to go over this list of requirements carefully before submitting your final draft to your teacher for assessment.

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