New curriculum resources

This section of the Inthinking website is devoted to materials that support the new curriculum - that is, the curriculum that will first be assessed in May 2019.

Many of the materials that are here were also relevant in the former curriculum. In addition, over the life of the new curriculum, you will continue to see more teaching ideas, revision work and sample marking in order to enrich and develop your own program.

If as you work through the site you think of something that is missing that you would like to see added, please always feel free to email me at - and I will try to get something on the site as soon as possible.

Selected Pages

Assessment: Paper 2 12 April 2018

In order to help our students to prepare for the IB exams, it is important that we understand how questions are determined...

Topic sentences 13 January 2018

When teaching students to write an essay, the first step is to plan out what will go in the essay. Often students want to...

Explaining command terms 13 January 2018

The following activity is something that I do throughout the two years with my students to review the command terms. The...

Paper 1 Poker 13 January 2018

If you are like me, there is nothing less engaging then revision for the exam. It is important that we help students to...

Do's and Don'ts for ERQs 13 January 2018

Below you will find a list of "do's" and "don't's" for helping students better understand the demands of the ERQ - the essays...

Pyramids for revision 13 January 2018

This revision game is based on the US television show the 25.000 Dollar Pyramid. The goal of this revision game is to have...

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