Key studies: sociocultural

Often in textbooks, we find that there is less information about studies than we feel that students need in order to really understand them and apply critical thinking when discussing them.  In response to this, this section provides a number of "key studies" which are meant to help clarify the aim, procedure, results and implications of research.  The guides also include analysis and evaluation of the studies.

It is not meant for teachers to cover all of the key studies presented.  Instead, teachers should design a unit using as few key studies as possible in order to answer potential exam questions. This means that it will be important to choose what you feel confident in teaching and which you feel students can easily understand. 

More key studies will continue to be added over time. Some are highly traditional, whereas others are rather new and "cutting edge" in psychology.  It is my opinion that a mix of traditional and modern is essential in a modern psychology curriculum.

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