The "old" curriculum

There are many problems with teaching two curricula at the same time.  One of them is how to use the Inthinking site!

In order to simplify the use of the site and to make sure that as material is added for the new curriculum that there is no confusion as to what is what, all material for the "old" curriculum is in now relocated to this section of the site.

Please remember that the final exams for this curriculum are in November 2018.  The first exams for the new curriculum are in May 2019.

Selected Pages

Research methods 2 September 2017

The concept of how psychologists do their research is an essential part of all facets of the IB Psychology curriculum. Here...

Options 2 September 2017

This section of the site is dedicated to the "Options." The goal of Paper 2 is to apply the core of knowledge that was established...

The unseen passage 23 December 2016

Even though Paper 3 is about qualitative research, evaluating unseen experimental studies is a good way to practice critical...

Critical thinking about theories 22 October 2016

The following formative assessment is a way to get students to try to apply their understanding of how to evaluate a theory...

Sampling techniques 3 September 2016

There are several things that researchers must consider when investigating psychological questions. Of course, they need...

Descriptive statistics quiz 2 July 2016

This quiz is meant to test understanding of the levels of analysis as well as the role of the key descriptive statistics:...

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