Reliability of memory revision

IB Psychology: Reliability of memory revision

The following page is to revise the key concepts, research and critical thinking for the topic "reliability of cognitive processes." The revision focuses on memory research.Start with the Powerpoint presentation below. It will walk you through a potential essay on the topic.This is followed by a set of "checking for understanding questions."

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Comments 4

Peter Karakiozis 28 February 2018 - 03:59

Dear John,
I'm really confused about the difference between "Discuss" and "To what extent". For discuss do you need to prove through the research that memory is reliable?

John Crane 1 March 2018 - 14:02

Dear Peter, usually what I tell students that a discussion question is as if you are sitting in a pub and discussing a topic - but without research. So, after outlining the research, then the discussion could include that there are different types of memory, that emotion appears to play a role in whether a memory is reliable, that often memories cannot be verified, etc. In other words, what are the issues with drawing a conclusion about the reliability of memory. A to what extent question looks more at the two sides of the argument. Discussion does not require this.

Torhild Borgen 11 April 2018 - 10:49

Hi John, would it be possible to post a downloadable version of this presentation? pdf for example? :)

John Crane 12 April 2018 - 05:10

Dear Torhild

Unfortunately, the powerpoints have now been found floating on the Internet. This is why they are no longer downloadable. I cannot figure out another way to do this and not have all material from the site end up being for free. However, you can share this page with students so that they can use it on their own, which is actually the intention of the page.

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