DL: Kahooting

There is nothing like a good Kahoot - at least, that is what our students say.  In spite of how often this learning technique is used, and in spite of the music that makes me a bit crazy, students seem to really enjoy a game of Kahoot.

I would like to thank Anna Yakutenok from the Prague British International School for this activity. 

She sent me this Kahoot: The effect of technology on cognitive processes. More importantly, she has sent us how she set up the activity.

Student engagement

Of course, as teachers, we could generate Kahoot after Kahoot, but getting students to create their own game requires that they engage with the course content and think about how to form good questions, including a plausible range of potential responses.

For this activity, you could put students in "channels", "teams" or "breakout rooms" to work on the following task.  From the Kahoot page, you can download the Kahoot spreadsheet.

You could have students each send you potential questions and then you can enter the questions into the spreadsheet for a class game.  You could also have your class work together to fill in the spreadsheet (by importing it into Google docs and then exporting it back as an Excel document) and then share their Kahoot more globally (see the green box below).

When you finish the spreadsheet, you can now create a new Kahoot.  When you go to the create page, you will see where to import the spreadsheet in the lower-left corner.

When you click on that link, you will get the following message box.

Once you upload, you are good to go.  If you would like to share your final product with other teachers, please send me the link and I will add it to the box below.  They can be sent to me by email: jcrane@iol.cz.   When you send it, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Be sure to edit before sending the file.  Please check for errors, including language errors, before sending.
  • Include the name of the school so that your school gets recognition for its contribution.

Subscriber contributions

The following Kahoots were submitted by teachers for free use by students around the globe.  Thank you to all who have shared their work.

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