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When writing your evaluation of the internal assessment, it is important that your writing is clear and well-structured.  On this page, you will find a template to guide you in writing this section. Please remember to delete the template notes before submitting your work.

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Sample evaluation

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IV. Evaluation


Paragraph 1: Findings linked to theory In this first section you should discuss your findings in light of the theory. If your results were significant, you should explain why this makes sense with regard to the theory.  If your results are not significant, you should discuss why they might not be significant.   This does not mean that the theory is not supported.  It could be that the people in your sample did not have a schema or the motivation - or some procedural change you made to the original study may have compromised the findings.   


Paragraph 2: The design In this paragraph, explain the strengths and limitations of your design - either repeated measures or independent samples. Yes, it is true that you may have already explained strengths in your exploration, but you will need to do a post-experimental assessment of the strengths and limitations of your design.  Link your S and L to the experiment.  Do not make it generic! 


Paragraph 3: The sample. In this paragraph, explain the strengths and limitations of your sample. This may be about the sampling technique or the characteristics of your sample.  Do not write about:

  • The size of your sample

  • Whether it was “gender-balanced”

  • The misbehaviour of your participants 


Paragraph 4: The procedure  In this paragraph, explain the strengths and limitations of your materials and/or procedure.  This should not include ethical considerations. 


Paragraph 5: Modifications  In this paragraph, explain at least two modifications you would make to improve your study based on the limitations you have explained above.  Do not say - we would get more participants.  


Paragraph 6: statement of conclusion Although not assessed, it is appropriate to make a statement of conclusion at the end of your report where you once again simply state the findings of your study.  It can simply read:  We can conclude that ….

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