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The IBDP Art site is brilliant. I use it all the time. Being new the to IBDP and having only 3 students it has been a lifeline

Stephen Davidson, Léman International School, China

I love this web site. It's helping me greatly in my classes . Heather is a huge guide. I'm very grateful.

Pauline Dubos, American School of Bilbao, Spain

InThinking is a great resource for breaking down the information in the new guide. It provides visuals, examples and and facilitates understanding through comprehensive language. It does what we as educators strive to do in our classroom to help our...

Xanthipi Abel, Sturgis Charter School, USA


Student Access

31 August 2017

Jordi and Ruben, the IT wizards at InThinking, have designed a super cool and helpful new tool for teachers and students. The student access... more

May 2016 Subject Report Summary

12 January 2017

The first subject report since the new visual arts curriculum has been implemented is now published. Subject reports are a summary of the last... more

Summer IB Art Immersion

26 April 2016

its happening agian this summer.....What happens when you try to compress an IB art program into 2 intense weeks? Well, we've had a go at it... more

Subscriber comments

  • 24 Nov Heather McReynolds
    The Comparative Study
    thats fine Steve, its not the students artwork assessed in the CS but the connections made, so naturally that work can be included in the Pp and the exhibition
  • 24 Nov Heather McReynolds
    Inspired Teaching
    absolutely! If you dont feed yourself how can you give to your students?
  • 24 Nov Steve Lewis
    The Comparative Study
    Hi Heather, Just checking... the HL student artwork influenced by the artists included in the CS is allowed to be in the PP and the Exhibition, or? Thanks, Steve
  • 24 Nov Karen Teal
    Inspired Teaching
    I have been teaching 31 years and running on empty at the minute ....drained....planning and preparation for classes and students and giving extra all the time as we all do... .....the questions above have made me think we also need to feed...
  • 23 Nov Heather McReynolds
    The Exhibition
    painting on found object ( chair) ?
  • 22 Nov Heba Yosri
    The Exhibition
    Hi Heather, My student did a piece for the exhibition, it's painting on a wooden chair. I know that it goes under the 2D forms, but i need to know how to reference the chair? Thank you
  • 22 Nov Heba Yosri
    The Comparative Study
    Hi Heather, My student did an interview with one of the artists and she had chosen one of his pieces for the CS, could she add a photo for her interview as an evidence to be attached to the function and purpose screens for example? Thank you
  • 21 Nov Victoria Wreden-Sadeq
    CS Assessment Descriptors for Students
    Hello Heather - For the CS Criteria mark band F-students make connection with their own work. It states using Analysis might be evident through drawing and other visual means as well as text, can they use their OWN work in the CS? It is a bit...
  • 20 Nov Heather McReynolds
    Secondary Sources
    Hi Emma, she just needs to state that the collage is made of images sourced from the internet in the exhibition text. Magazine pics arent much different!
  • 20 Nov emma porter
    Secondary Sources
    Dear Heather, I have a student that wants to use images from the internet to create a montage around her figurative painting as part of an exhibition piece. I suggested taking her own pictures, but she wants specific jewelry not obtainable....
  • 17 Nov Heather McReynolds
    E submission Process Portfolio
    Yes Laura its true...used in relation to the developmental stages, not as stand alone images ;)
  • 17 Nov Laura Thomson
    E submission Process Portfolio
    Hi Heather. Can you confirm if it is true the 'double dipping' rule has been removed and images of exhibition work can now be used in the Process Portfolio. Many thanks.