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The IBDP Art site is brilliant. I use it all the time. Being new the to IBDP and having only 3 students it has been a lifeline

Stephen Davidson, Léman International School, China

I love this web site. It's helping me greatly in my classes . Heather is a huge guide. I'm very grateful.

Pauline Dubos, American School of Bilbao, Spain

InThinking is a great resource for breaking down the information in the new guide. It provides visuals, examples and and facilitates understanding through comprehensive language. It does what we as educators strive to do in our classroom to help our...

Xanthipi Abel, Sturgis Charter School, USA


Highlights of Subject Report 2017

9 February 2018

Each year, about 8 months after exams, a subject report is published by IBO, compiled from examiner comments and feedback and recorded in a... more

Student Access

31 August 2017

Jordi and Ruben, the IT wizards at InThinking, have designed a super cool and helpful new tool for teachers and students. The student access... more

May 2016 Subject Report Summary

12 January 2017

The first subject report since the new visual arts curriculum has been implemented is now published. Subject reports are a summary of the last... more

Subscriber comments

  • 20 Feb Heather McReynolds
    Documenting Artwork
    As far as i know there is nothing stating that they cant do this, as long as the photos a true records of how the work actually appears! ( and dont see why it should be cited either)
  • 20 Feb Heather McReynolds
    The Comparative Study
    Renante, an exhibtion piece may be included in all three components because it serves a different function in each case- be sure to label it as "own work in exhibition" (title, medium, size)
  • 20 Feb Heather McReynolds
    CAF (Coursework Authentification Form)
    Hi Raju - im afraid the real forms are confidential, but as you can see ive done a mock for you on this page
  • Hi Heather I too was wondering if there is an example of a fully completed form which will help me.Then I was the same request asked by some on. Thanks
  • 19 Feb John Hawke
    Documenting Artwork
    It is allowed isn´t it for students to have their work professionally documented? In this case, should the photographer be cited somewhere?
  • 19 Feb Renante Sison
    The Comparative Study
    Hi Heather, just to clarify the issue on double dipping. Could students include their final piece on CS, PP and Exhibition? Thanks!
  • 18 Feb Christine Pritchard
    The Comparative Study
    Dear Heather, Just to confirm, does the CS title page count within the slide count? Thank you,
  • 17 Feb RAJU DUBE
    Process Portfolio
    Okayyy, thank you
  • 16 Feb Heather McReynolds
    Process Portfolio
    Raju, nothing is too simple, its the quality of the exploration, refer to the assessment criteria PP
  • 16 Feb RAJU DUBE
    Process Portfolio
    Hi Heather, is it a good idea to include a study on watercolors and acrylic in the PP or is it too simple?
  • 15 Feb Heather McReynolds
    Choosing Artworks
    Hi Chrissa, no problem with using the same different cultural contexts: i advise students to make a strong case for the different cultural backgrounds ( not styles) when there is any doubt that they might seem too similar....if...
  • 14 Feb Ann Forget
    Art Making Forms Requirements
    Very helpful! Thank you