Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures

Friday 6 December 2013

Humour, Hogwash and Insight

"An art work is about something, it has a point of view, it has a historical context...." GP

The delightful Grayson Perry, award-winning artist, cross dressing potter, presents the 2013 BBC Reith Lectures, titled Playing to the Gallery. The lectures are funny, wise, illuminating listening, just the perfect thing to have on while cooking or driving, and gauranteed to fire up your own opinions!

In these four lectures GP discusses what makes him an artist, the limits of contemporary art, how to gauge the quality of new artworks and the future of the avant-garde. Each lecture lasts about 40 minutes and you can listen to them here. Below is a summary of the lectures in chronological order, although you can listen to any one on its own. Enjoy!

1.Democracy has Bad Taste

Who makes the decisions about what is considered art, who gives art its seal of approval, its validity?

2.Beating the Bounds

Grayson gives us his own list of guiding questions to help answer the big question IS IT ART? You can find a summary of these questions on the site page But is it Art?

3.Nice Rebellion, Welcome in!

Does art need to be revolutionary, is there anything new left to do?

4.I Found Myself in the Art World

Grayson looks at his own role in the art world and tells his personal story.

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