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Grade Boundaries10 July 2021

What do those numbers on the assessment criteria charts add up to in actual 1-7 grades? Grade boundaries are the cut off points established for each mark band, ie points needed to reach a 7. The boundaries... more

CS Assessment 8 April 2019

There are 5 assessed criteria, with the addition of one more for HL (F). These criteria address the areas of learning within this component that are expected of the student: critical thinking skills... more

Seed: Patchwork Panoramic 30 June 2021

Make a drawing that expands over time and space. This activity can be done with a large paper folded up to create many small squares or multiple pieces of paper of different sizes taped or glued together... more

Summer CS Research16 June 2021

Send mid IB students off with some summer homework to give the Comparative Study an extra boost.Summer holidays are an opportune time for students to visit museums, galleries, or artist studios and see... more

Mid IB Summer Assignmentsfree18 July 2021

Begin year 2 with clear ideas and a sense of personal direction, ready to work towards a coherent exhibition.Mid IBDP summer is a critical moment for art students. They have completed the first year... more

Design and Layout Skills for the Process Portfolio22 August 2016

Design & layout of Process Portfolio screens by Guest Teacher Rachel Swinburne After gaining my first class honors in BA Textiles at Goldsmiths College, University of London, I coordinated Art gallery... more

Seed: Overlapping Drawings5 May 2021

This drawing exercise develops awareness of design, composition, shape and space through the simplicity of pure contour drawingChoose a selection of several everyday objectsMake a contour line drawing... more

Introducing the Comparative Study 16 December 2020

This is an independent critical and contextual investigation in which you explore art works from differing cultural contexts. Both SL and HL students compare three different artworks, by at least two... more

Seed: Abstract Body15 August 2020

Take a black and white photograph of a part of your own body ( i.e. your arm, leg, chest) that has an abstract feel, not easily recognizable for what it is.This could be become a series of photos, think... more

Unit Plan: Curatorial Focus8 September 2018

This sample Unit Plan focuses on Curatorial Practice and preparing students for part 3, The Exhibition.This unit would be well situated later in the first semester of year 2 ( november/ december) as students... more

Seed: Bearing Witness25 April 2021

There are many forms of social injustice, racism, religious persecution, sexual abuse, violence, environmental damage, sadly the list goes on. Whatever topic speaks strongly to you, you can find a meaningful... more

Back to School7 August 2020

When I was a new IB art teacher back in '94 I dutifully photocopied all the assessment criteria and presented my already overwhelmed students with stacks of dry, complicated, wordy IB Art assessment criteria... more

Writing Guidelines for Rationale22 February 2021

The Curatorial Rationale explains and supports the final exhibition. It is also a chance to highlight any particular challenges or discoveries along the way, including why these art works were chosen,... more

Reviewing, Reflecting, Refining9 October 2020

The Process Portfolio naturally supports and informs your developing studio work, through the exploration of skills, techniques and processes and critical investigations into artists, artworks, art forms... more

Kashish, Process Portfolio SL22 May 2020

Kashish explores a wide range of art making forms in her SL portfolio, which recieved a mark of 32/34,. Her main focus is 3D media, including alginate casting, sculptural assemblage and installation,... more

Film and Video as Teaching Aides20 April 2019

Films and videos on artists are widely and readily available. How can we make active rather than passive use of these valuable resources? Studies have shown that students ware likely to gain much more... more

Seed: Creepy Ink Drawing19 December 2020

Make a drawing that allows the expressivity of the materials and mark making to communicate the nature of your object. Experiment with the material, don't try to be neat, messy is the point!Choose an... more

Seed: Daily Drawing22 May 2021

You can draw anything at all and it can be very very quick, less than a minute, or as slow as you wish.The objective is to make a drawing a day for month.To start, try drawing your feet, like this beautiful... more

Seed: On the Grid15 February 2021

This activity explores how a grid can create structure or provide the impetus for a drawingGrid: A pattern or structure made from horizontal and vertical lines crossing each other to form squares more

Seed: On the Edge20 January 2021

Explore the state of precariousness through an artwork.Construct something that is on the edge of collapsing or falling apart, but does not. You can use whatever materials are on hand, no special art... more

Seed: Deterioration and Transformation7 January 2021

Create a still life of something that will self transform over a period of time.This could be perishable substances; fruit, flowers etc. or it could be something that collapses or melts (ice, wax, snow,... more

Seed: Shadow Assemblage27 September 2020

Assemblage: art that is made by assembling disparate elements – often everyday objects – scavenged by the artist or bought specially. _Tate termsMaterialscreate an abstract or naturalistic 3D assemblage... more

Journal Page Examples13 September 2020

a visual journal supports the personal development of your art work and your art thinking processThe journal is private place for putting down ideas, capturing images, trying out a technique, or making... more

Thematic Threads27 May 2018

This activity helps year 1 students to investigate a topic or theme through looking at images from art history. See Finding a Focus for more about developing individual directions.This is a fun way to... more

Marc, Process Portfolio SL25 February 2021

I am so pleased to include a different kind of example here. Many of the examples in the student gallery are visually arresting, top scoring portfolios. This is a standard level Portfolio that recieved... more

Seed: Seeing Space4 September 2020

This exercise is to help you look at objects in terms of positive and negative space, and in doing so you become more aware of shape and the space around shapes, one of the fundamental elements of art. more

The Research Questionfree25 April 2020

A good research questionChoosing the research question is perhaps the single most important factor in determining the success of the EE.The EE topic must be formulated as a Research Question, not as a... more

The RPPF20 June 2021

In the EE/RPPF, the Extended Essay Reflections on Planning and Progress Form, candidates undertake three reflection sessions with their supervisors: one early on, one interim, and the final viva voce.... more

Curating the Process Portfolio5 February 2021

The Process Portfolio is a selection of slides that document the students artistic journey during the course and as such, should be curated in order to present the clearest most engaging version of the... more

Art Films and Features8 June 2021

There are many wonderful and highly watchable films about artists, bio pics or just good films about art.. These come in handy for end of term time or substitute lessons or as a break from every day class.... more

Seed: What is Beautiful? 27 June 2020

Make a pair of images, one ugly, one beautiful.Explain why one is beautiful and the other is ugly.What does this tell you about your aesthetic sensibility?Are you willing to be reconsider what is beautiful? more

Curriculum Review1 January 2020

Revision and renewal are an important part of progress in education, and the teaching of art always occupies innovative territory as well as tradition.Over a period of 3 years the IB Visual Arts curriculum... more

5 Works in 5 Weeks25 February 2017

A new resource by colleague Rachel Swinburne in BermudaRachel describes her experience with setting goals for stepping up the production in the art studio! If you are familiar with how slow your students... more

Seed: Photographing Contradictions14 November 2020

This assignment explores how we percieve emotions through images and challenges our associations tied to certain types of images. You will take a series of photographs that communicate an emotion that... more

Seed: Real vs Reproduced11 October 2020

Do you often draw from a photograph or even from an image on your phone? This is an exploration of how we see what is in front of us, and how a photographic image differs from what we perceive with our... more

Lesson: Curating an Imaginary Exhibition19 July 2020

The perfect summer or back to school virtual curating research activity. This is a comprehensive assignment designed to help identify artists and areas of interest in art, as well as what it means to... more

Seed: Drawing from TVfree18 May 2020

While you are watchin...pause the movie or video when you see a screen that interests you visually. This might be due to the composition, the light, an atmosphere or a facial expression. more

Art Language24 October 2020

so lets make the most out of it. This section includes links to glossaries, tips for incorporating art vocabulary into class discussions, - and a new feature: Art Terminology quizzes. Test your knowledge... more

Four Ways of Looking at Art28 July 2018

This page presents an annotated version of a resource originally created by Tate Education called Ways of Looking. After trying this out resource with both students and teachers we realized that it is... more

Predicted Grades24 March 2021

A predicted grade is the teacher’s prediction of the 1-7 grade the student is expected to achieve in the subject. This is based on all the evidence of the candidate’s work and the teacher’s knowledge... more

Introducing the Process Portfolio16 December 2020

You are required to compile carefully selected materials, documenting your experimentation, exploration, manipulation and refinement of a range of visual arts activities during the two-year course. The... more

Research and Practice9 December 2020

How do we develop investigation and research skills that will develop and enrich art making? If you feel passionate, or at least curious about what you are researching, then motivation and the desire... more

Sofia F, HL CS1 October 2020

This in-depth, detailed Comparative Study looks at three artists ( and respective artworks) from different periods and cultures: Franz Kline, William Kentridge and Ciprian Muresan. Each artist tells stories... more

Sunaina, Process Portfolio HL27 September 2020

This student explores the complex idea of home, both her Indian roots and her current home in Denmark. Her Process Portfolio is an excellent example of exploring a wide range of media and techniques that... more

Seed: Shadow Painting 14 June 2020

An easy way to begin a painting; the complex shapes are already there for you, you just choose the composition and how to frame it. Be experimental and see what might find you segue into... more

Margherita, HL Exhibition24 September 2017

It gives me particular pleasure to showcase Margherita's work here. She was a student of my dear friend and estimed colleague Nicola Shears, and she came to my summer IB art course at la Vigna Art Studios... more

What is IB Art?5 January 2021

An opportunity to develop your skills as an artist and your understanding of art on a deeper level.IB Visual Arts is a largely self-directed course. Although there are set assessment requirements, the... more

Free Art Books29 May 2020

Several major museums have made their publications available as digital downloads or to read online absolutely free of charge. This is especially good for Extended Essay research, but also as a virtual... more

Alberta, Exhibition HL19 May 2021

Alberta's work addresses social protest with a focus on "the crowd" as a source of imagery. She starts with her own photographs taken at various demonstrations about Climate Change, Refugees, and Womens... more

Researching Art 16 December 2020

This section has various pages to help you in finding source material when researching for the The Comparative Study or the Process Portfolio, The Extended Essay, and for your own personal artistic development. more