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PP Asssessment Criteria2 May 2017

On this site page you will find There are 5 assessment criteria for the PP, for a total of 34 marks A Skills, techniques and processes: 12 marksB Critical investigation: 6 marks more

Agata, CS HL14 September 2017

This is a fine example of a Comparative study that received a 7. Agata looks at a selection of artworks by two artists from different cultural contexts, Katarina Fritsch and Anish Kapoor, making relevant... more

A Coherent Body of Work24 July 2017

For the exhibition students present a set of rigorously selected artworks that clearly communicate their artistic intentions. This doesn't mean that the all the works need to address the same subject... more

Margherita, HL Exhibitionfree15 September 2017

It gives me particular pleasure to showcase Margherita's work here. She was a student of my dear friend and estimed colleague Nicola Shears, and she came to my summer IB art course at la Vigna Art Studios... more

Thematic Threads6 August 2017

This activity helps students to investigate a topic or theme through looking at images from art history. See page on A Coherent Body of Work for more about thematic development.This is a fun way to explore... more

Grade Boundaries7 February 2017

What do those numbers on the assessment criteria charts add up to in actual 1-7 grades? Grade boundaries are the cut off points established for each mark band, ie points needed to reach a 7, and can vary... more

CAF (Planning and Progress) 19 March 2017

The IB has introduced a coursework authentification form for all DP subjects. On this form the teacher records three interactions with each student at various stages of thier coursework. more

Subject Specific Language1 December 2016

Presentation and Subject Specific Language is an assessed criteria for both The Comparative Study - (see CS Assessment Criteria) and the Process Portfolio- (see PP Assessment Criteria) so lets make sure... more

Four Ways of Looking at Art15 September 2017

This page presents an annotated version of a resource originally created by Tate Education called Ways of Looking. After trying this out resource with both students and teachers we realized that it is... more

Blind Drawing29 August 2017

Using touch not sight to guide a drawingUse this as a warm up exercise to overcome fear and to discover the other senses involved in drawing. Again, this exercise is not intended to create portfolio quality... more

E submission Comparative Study8 November 2015

The externally assessed components, The Comparative Study and the Process Portfolio are digitally uploaded and sent to IBIS where they are assessed by an external examiner.The CS is submitted as a PDF... more

Internal Assessment3 April 2017

By 10 April/10 October ( southern hemisphere) teachers/coordinators are required to complete the following on IBIS under the IAPG section.Predicted grades from each subject are used to help predict the... more

Choosing Artworksfree17 September 2017

Choose your artworks for the Comparative study bearing in mind the availability of appropriate resources, the marking criteria and the requirements of the task:Your choice of artworks might be inspired... more

Design and Layout Skills for the Process Portfolio22 August 2016

Design & layout of Process Portfolio screens by Guest Teacher Rachel Swinburne After gaining my first class honors in BA Textiles at Goldsmiths College, University of London, I coordinated Art gallery... more

Uncovering Bigger Ideas26 August 2017

Creating work for the exhibition that pivots around linking ideas, concepts, questions, images is quite different from presenting a series of teacher led assignments and will certainly be more likely... more

Critical Investigation14 June 2017

Students: Your Process Portfolio is a documentation of both your making process and your thinking process. What triggers an idea for an artwork? How does an idea develop into artwork? What medium best... more

Open Ended Assignments18 November 2014

Our students need guidance, but how can we give them structured assignments that really encourage independent solutions? By assigning tasks that create approximately the same result, you will have a pretty... more

Supervising an Extended Essay3 May 2017

As a Visual Arts teacher you will most likely be asked to supervise a number of Visual Arts EEs, from as few as one to as many as six or seven essays. Supervisors are expected to spend between three and... more

Curating a Virtual Exhibition21 June 2017

Looking for a great summer assignment for incoming or mid IB Art students?This one will help your students to be prepared with some potential thematic interests, artists to investigate and directions... more

Curatorial Practicefree24 June 2015

Curatorial practice is a bit of a buzzword lately, with courses and programs in Curatorial Studies offered at Art Colleges and Universities all over the world. The IB, in line with 21st century skills... more

The Physics of Color15 July 2013

The following background information is extracted from the Gaurdian and Observer Guide to Painting- © Guardian News and Media Limited 2011 Colour lies at the intersection of mind... more

The Artist's Manifesto9 June 2016

“I am for an artist who vanishes, turning up in a white cap painting signs or hallways.”Claes Oldenburg: I am for an ArtWhat do you believe art is? What are the values that you hold dear as an artist?... more

Artists' Books20 January 2016

Sketchbooks are for visual thinking, recording, capturing an idea -and not intended to be the finished work. An artists' book is the art piece.Artists' books are made by artistsArtists' books are books... more

Ink and Brush 26 August 2017

Ink painting has been favoured by artists in both the east and west for its beautiful, graceful and expressive mark making qualities and range of tonal values. Ink and brush painting can be practiced... more

Drawing from Naturefree18 July 2013

There is great value in looking directly at the natural world rather than reading about it in books or copy images of images. I am surprised how often students will choose to copy a photograph of... more

Speaking of Art26 June 2014

Although it helps to have regular class critiques where students get used to speaking about their own art work and each others, talking about other artists work isn't something most of our students... more

Art and Originality28 August 2017

What does it mean to be original?Can ideas be owned? Does a signature make a work of art? In this section you will find observations on the idea of originality, Jim Jarmusch's manifesto on Nothing is... more

Vasari's Five Criteria18 November 2016

Use this page for a TOK/Art discussion and journal reflection on how the criteria we use to judge an art work vary over time and across culturesGiorgio Vasari (1511-1574) was an Italian painter, architect,... more

5 Works in 5 Weeks25 February 2017

A new resource by colleague Rachel Swinburne in BermudaRachel describes her experience with setting goals for stepping up the production in the art studio! If you are familiar with how slow your students... more

Gallery Visit on Curatorial Practice15 November 2014

Going around a city on a gallery walk is a great way to introduce and create awareness around curatorial practiceI have put together a set of guiding questions to introduce students to Curatorial Practice... more

Art and Psychology9 July 2013

Did you know that beautiful paintings produce the same brain activity we feel when we see someone we love? In a study conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, chair in neuroaesthetics at University... more

Ethical Expression13 October 2015

In light of the recently clarified VA guidelines (below) for students artwork dealing with sensitive topics I thought a page on this topic might be of interest. It also makes a very good TOK discussion. more

Creativity2 May 2014

Creative means original, expressive, inventive, innovative, imaginative, handmade, ground-breaking, generative, to give rise to, birth Creativity is the action of combining previously uncombined... more

Student portfolios with Google Sites7 September 2016

Written by guest teacher Elizabeth KingBavarian International School e.V In grading student work, I find that it is best to put oneself in the role of the examiner in order... more

Photo Montage Collagefree3 May 2014

Sure we know Instagram and photoshop, but also polaroid and photo collage; altered images have been around since the 19th century, when photography was first invented. "Faking It: Manipulated Photography... more

Claude Glass Painting Exercise14 July 2013

Looking through a brown glass facilitates seeing values, much as putting a sepia tinted filter on a photo makes it tonal. The modern day Claude Glass effect is easily achieved with a click on the computer. more

Your Taste is Killer17 June 2013

Ira Glass, the wonderful story teller and radio presenter (This American Life) shares some encouraging words with anyone trying to do creative work. The text is all his, the animation is done by David... more

Marina Abramovic's Advice for Artists3 December 2016

Yugoslavian born performance artist Marina Abramovic, sometimes described as "the grandmother of performance art", has her own advice for artists that includes spending time near exploding volcanoes,... more

The New IB Art for schools17 March 2016

Many teachers have commented that schools still expect the IB Art show to be a massive event decorating the school and showing off the student work to parents and the school community.Well, it is a very... more

iPad Drawing12 April 2014

Some artists are using ipads as a sketchbook to record ideas, as a canvas itself, or as a tool in the process of making art work. I like to use it to try out variations of ideas and color schemes during... more

Art and Humankind27 July 2013

How Art Made The World is a 2005 five-part BBC One documentary series, with each episode looking at the influence of art on the current day situation of our society. It isn't so much an art history... more

Documenting Artwork3 April 2017

Once students have completed and selected the works for The Exhibition they will need to focus on documenting their work in the best possible way, and make sure to adhere to the formats and files compatible... more

Impromptu Curating Activity21 April 2015

For this activity you don’t need any special materials. You only need to look around you, think about what you have in your immediate environment, make a selection, and make an exhibition out of what... more

Drawing Animation11 July 2013

A simple animation can be created with a series of stills: photos or drawings, in imovie or other computer software programs. Remember flipbooks? Its the same general idea, only digital. Chances... more

Visiting Artists10 December 2015

Find an artist/artisanThere are artists working in every community, city, town, village, and remote mountainside, no matter where you live.Widen your definition of artist to include artisans working in... more

Nature and Technology9 July 2013

A resource for students interested in the interface between art, nature and technology. How can apparently contradictory fields be brought together through art? In this interview with dutch artists... more

Graffiti and Street Art17 October 2014

Street Art, graffiti in particular, is a subject that interests many students around the world.. But besides making their own street art, students need to support this with investigation, understanding,... more

Fresco Painting 30 January 2014

Fresco painting is a technique using pure pigments diluted in water on freshly applied plaster, usually on wall surfaces. The colors are made by grinding dry-powder (mineral) pigments in pure water,... more

Reflections on Creativity 24 July 2013

I have gathered some reflections on the creative process from an assortment of writers, artists and psychologists. Hopefully you will delve deeper into the ones that you find most interesting, and... more

Scientific Illustration9 July 2013

This page appears also in Teaching Ideas, Drawing from Nature There are fields of specialization in botanical, biological, medical illustration that are quite different in spirit from fine arts,... more