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Grade Boundaries7 February 2017

What do those numbers on the assessment criteria charts add up to in actual 1-7 grades? Grade boundaries are the cut off points established for each mark band, ie points needed to reach a 7, and can vary... more

Agata, CS HL13 July 2017

This is a fine example of a Comparative study that received a 7. Agata looks at a selection of artworks by two artists from different cultural contexts, Katarina Fritsch and Anish Kapoor, making relevant... more

PP Asssessment Criteria2 May 2017

On this site page you will find There are 5 assessment criteria for the PP, for a total of 34 marks A Skills, techniques and processes: 12 marksB Critical investigation: 6 marks more

Mila, CS HL31 July 2016

For her Comparative Study Mila chose to focus on two artists from very different cultural and historical backgrounds.She analyses three artworks by each artist that explore the idea of space, home and... more

Alberte, CS HL25 September 2016

In this excellent comparative study Alberte focuses on movement in art, primarily investigating the work of Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, comparing his installation Riverbed 2014, and Your Embodied Garden... more

Summer CS Research21 June 2017

Send your students off with some summer homework that will give the Comparative Study an extra boost.Summer holidays are an opportune time for students to visit museums, galleries, or artist studios and... more

Referencing and Citing Sources13 July 2017

A reference is a way of indicating to the reader, in an orderly form, where information has been obtained. References must be cited because they acknowledge the sources used, and enable the reader to... more

Sumnima, Process Portfolio HL8 April 2017

She clearly shows the development of her skills and techniques (A) and includes pages of critical investigation (B) that make relevant connections with other artists who influenced her thinking and making... more

Zeid, CS HL15 September 2016

This student contacted me himself and asked if I would like to publish his work on this site. I am impressed with his initiative and the quality of his work and would like to share his CS on "women's... more

Compare and Contrast2 November 2015

Art teachers have always taught how to compare and contrast artworks long before the CS was a requirement. This page looks at how to teach visual analysis in general but can also be used as practice in... more

Talia CS, SL15 August 2016

SL student Talia wrote her Comparative Study on three artworks by three artists:Diego VelazquezMax BeckmannGregory CrewdsonShe chose to take a thematic approach and explore family relationships in the... more

E submission Comparative Study8 November 2015

The externally assessed components, The Comparative Study and the Process Portfolio are digitally uploaded and sent to IBIS where they are assessed by an external examiner.The CS is submitted as a PDF... more

Internal Assessment3 April 2017

By 10 April/10 October ( southern hemisphere) teachers/coordinators are required to complete the following on IBIS under the IAPG section.Predicted grades from each subject are used to help predict the... more

CAF (Planning and Progress) 19 March 2017

The IB has introduced a coursework authentification form for all DP subjects. On this form the teacher records three interactions with each student at various stages of thier coursework. more

Mindmapping 10 July 2013

Mindmaps can be very useful in many occasions, particularly when a student is having trouble thinking broadly and seeing connections. It is a way of developing... more

Reviewing, Reflecting, Refining13 July 2017

The Process Portfolio naturally supports and informs students developing studio work, through the exploration of skills, techniques and processes and critical investigations into artists, artworks, art... more

Curating a Virtual Exhibition21 June 2017

Looking for a great summer assignment for incoming or mid IB Art students?This one will help your students to be prepared with some potential thematic interests, artists to investigate and directions... more

Process Portfolio Format5 April 2017

Work presented for the final exhibition may now be referred to and included in the PP. Be sure to label it as "resolved work from my Exhibition". This doesn't mean that the work submitted for exhibition... more

Sumnima, Exhibition HL 14 March 2017

This HL Exhibition work presents an interesting and different example of a student who was not a naturally technically adept artist when she first started the course and did not have previous art experience... more

Interdisciplinary Connectionsfree16 July 2017

Collaboration between the arts and other subject areas has the potential to create new knowledge, and cross fertilize ideas and processes in both fields.Art making can be inspired by encounters or connections... more

Critical Investigation14 June 2017

Students: Your Process Portfolio is a documentation of both your making process and your thinking process. What triggers an idea for an artwork? How does an idea develop into artwork? What medium best... more

Subject Specific Language1 December 2016

Presentation and Subject Specific Language is an assessed criteria for both The Comparative Study - (see CS Assessment Criteria) and the Process Portfolio- (see PP Assessment Criteria) so lets make sure... more

Mad Materials23 November 2015

This page is intended to inspire an experimental approach to materials and to think beyond the most obvious solutions. Expose students to the possibilities of materials used in contemporary art and invite... more

Function and Purposefree21 October 2016

one of the assessed criteria, Criterion B. Interpreting Function and Purpose may be new or confusing for some students. This page interprets function and purpose and offers some practical teaching activities. more

Starting Strategies free2 September 2016

Most students need help getting started and its that much easier with a specific task or assignment.An Open Ended Assignment is one in which students begin with a specific set of guidelines that allow... more

Design and Layout Skills for the Process Portfolio22 August 2016

Design & layout of Process Portfolio screens by Guest Teacher Rachel Swinburne After gaining my first class honors in BA Textiles at Goldsmiths College, University of London, I coordinated Art gallery... more

The Physics of Color15 July 2013

The following background information is extracted from the Gaurdian and Observer Guide to Painting- © Guardian News and Media Limited 2011 Colour lies at the intersection of mind... more

Guest Teacher Pages 24 April 2017

This section of the site is an opportunity for teachers to share their special areas of expertise. We all have such different kinds of knowledge to share and this seems a wonderful opportunity to do so... more

Exhibition Texts 25 March 2017

For each piece of art work included in Part 3, The Exhibition students must write a brief exhibition text which states the title, medium, size, followed by a brief explanation of your intentions. more

Curatorial Rationale15 November 2015

The Curatorial Rationale is similar to an artists’ statement, but refers specifically to the work selected for this exhibition rather than the general artistic output. It is required for Part 3, The... more

Animate a Painting4 July 2013

An example of reinterpreting a work from another era in another medium In the Millennium exhibition, 'Encounters, New Art from Old', in the summer of 2000, The National Gallery of Art in London... more

Art vs. Craft28 June 2017

An interesting and always controversial topic for a TOK and ART debate in the classroom, or use the questions for an individual reflection in the visual journal and process portfolio material ( criterion... more

Supervising an Extended Essay3 May 2017

As a Visual Arts teacher you will most likely be asked to supervise a number of Visual Arts EEs, from as few as one to as many as six or seven essays. Supervisors are expected to spend between three and... more

Visual Analysis in the Media9 January 2017

Learning how to apply visual analysis to an image is a skill required for The Comparative Study. We can apply visual analysis not only to the fine arts but to images we encounter in the media, in advertising,... more

Ways of Seeing4 January 2017

John Berger died January 2, 2017 at the age of 90. He had a profound effect on on the way art is taught and on the way people look at art, so I thought Id update this page and encourage you to revisit... more

Christian, Process Portfolio SL24 October 2016

This Standard Level student received a mark of 32 (7) for his Process Portfolio. He explores identity through a range of media, techniques and different conceptual approaches. You can view a selection... more

Ephemeral Art29 October 2015

Transient art works are those that exist only for a determined period of time and are not intended to last. Does this challenge the notion that art is meant to outlast human life? As a journal reflection,... more

Open Ended Assignments18 November 2014

Our students need guidance, but how can we give them structured assignments that really encourage independent solutions? By assigning tasks that create approximately the same result, you will have a pretty... more

Map Making8 July 2014

Map Making can be a fun way to introduce a more conceptual, less figurative way of working to year 1 students. I like working with maps myself and have included some ideas and favorite resources. more

The Abstract and the Conclusion29 August 2013

An abstract is a condensed overview of the whole essay process, designed to let the reader understand the contents of the essay at a glance. This abstract ticks all the boxes, wordcount under 300,... more

Successful EE Topics20 August 2013

Here are some examples of (successful) real student essays. The initial topic area is developed into a focused research question and an approach to research is determined, followed by a brief evaluation... more

Art and Humankind27 July 2013

How Art Made The World is a 2005 five-part BBC One documentary series, with each episode looking at the influence of art on the current day situation of our society. It isn't so much an art history... more

Web Resources for Art History26 July 2013

There is a lot of information out there but it varies in quality. Here are four reliable, dependable, intelligent and fairly easy to use web databases for art history and finding images and information... more

Portraits15 July 2013

A self-portrait can be as varied and limitless as our imaginations. It is more than a mere mirror reflection. A self-portrait can be an exact likeness or an abstract whirl of thoughts and feelings.... more

The Teenage Brain28 June 2013

"I would there were no age between sixteen and three-and-twenty, or that youth would sleep out the rest; for there is nothing in the between but getting... more

Bill Viola, Electronic Renaissance11 May 2017

Video art can sometimes be associated with indecipherable, conceptually obscure or simply sleep inducing footage in dark rooms with insufficient seating...but this stunning exhibition in Florence at Palazzo... more

5 Works in 5 Weeks25 February 2017

A new resource by colleague Rachel Swinburne in BermudaRachel describes her experience with setting goals for stepping up the production in the art studio! If you are familiar with how slow your students... more

Low Relief Assemblage 19 June 2016

Assemblage and sculpture made from found and scavenged materials is a great way to explore 3D constructing and address column 2 of the Art Making Forms Table. Students learn to work with tools and to... more

Buddhist Pop Art14 September 2015

When teaching skills for the Comparative Study we can use every opportunity to help students consider the cultural context for each artwork they encounter. These can be from different cultures, or from... more

Renaissance Selfies30 January 2015

Leon Battista Alberti wrote in his treatise on painting in 1435: "Painting possesses a truly divine power in that not only does it make the absent present (as they say of friendship), but it also represents... more