Course Design

The new IB Visual Arts Curriculum with first exams in 2016.

What's New in the curriculum?

Most of the ideas and values that underpin teaching art remain unaltered, but there are some key changes that I think will prove to be very positive for your students and enjoyable for you as a teacher.

The introduction of a Comparative Study is a new aspect of the course, designed to teach visual analysis and critical thinking.

Developing an awareness around Curatorial Practice is also a new aspect of the course and part of working towards The Exhibition

A mini overview of some of the changes

The core syllabus is composed of 3 parts.

Visual Art in Context

The cycle of inquiry, considering and comparing work from a variety of cultures, historical, social contexts. Analyzing, interpreting, comparing, evaluating, using art vocabulary. Reflection and understanding.

Visual Arts Processes

Experimenting with techniques, media, processes, developing a body of resolved and unresolved work, self review and critique, documentation in visual arts journal.

Presenting and Communicating Visual Arts

This 3rd part has to do with understanding curatorial processes, what makes an effective exhibition and selecting and presenting the students own work.

Instead of an IWB there is a Visual Arts Journal

How will this be Assessed?

Assessment will be divided into 3 parts, with the following breakdown. Go to the linking site pages for each component for more detailed discussion, or visit Assessment

Part 1,The Comparative Study for points 20% Externally Assessed

compare and contrast the work of (at least 2) different artists from different cultural contexts (HL students will also include a reflection of how this relates to their own work)

SL 10-15 screens

HL 10-15 screens & 3-5 screens comparing own work

Part 2, Process Portfolio for points 40% Externally Assessed

the students journey of art‐making: their engagement with different media and techniques, documentation of process, reflections on artists & artworks and the development of ideas.

SL: 9‐18 pages/screens submitted.

HL: 13‐25 pages/screens submitted.

Part 3, The Exhibition with a Curatorial Rationale for points 40% Internally Assessed by Teacher

Students reflect on their chosen body of work and provide a rationale for the decisions regarding the selection of certain pieces for exhibition.

SL: 4‐7 artworks, exhibition text and a curatorial rationale of max 400 words

HL: 8-11 artworks, exhibition text & curatorial rationale max 700 words

Watch This Space!

Keep an eye on the New Curriculum section of this site, where each week you will find more information, teaching ideas, tips and discussion of how to integrate these changes into our teaching. I will do my best to keep you well informed and reflect these changes throughout the other site other pages as well, an ongoing process.

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