Curriculum Planning

Design Your Course to Fit

Design the course that meets the IB requirments, fits your school, your schedule, and your students using the resources available on this site.  Everything you need is at hand.

    The beauty of IB Visual Arts is the freedom allowed teachers in how they approach the structure and teaching of the subject. Your goal is to prepare students to meet the submission requirements, that can be found in the Assessment pages of the site, but how you get there is up to you.

    When mapping your course, it is useful to always keep in mind the 3 overlapping areas that underpin the IB Art as set forth in the latest syllabus.

    • Theoretical Practice
    • Art Making Practice
    • Curatorial Practice

      Points to consider when designing your IB Art course

      What Starting Strategies will you use to get them going in year 1? How will you balance Structure and Freedom in your program?

      When does it work best for you to complete the The Comparative Study ? How will you teach the visual literacy Skills for the CS ? Reflections on Integrating the CS

      Help students develop good working habits in the Visual Journal from the start and with Design and Layout Skills for the Process Portfolio

      In year 2, guiding students towards A Coherent Body of Work and individually Finding a Focus

      Provide more opportunities for Curatorial Practice and Visiting Exhibitions, throughout the course. See Mapping a Course Outline for suggestions!

      And of course, ease the crunch that inevitably accompanies the final month/s before exams by planning well!!  E submission Guidelines for deadlines

      How do you integrate the various course requirements into your particular schedule and location?

      When to do the CS?

      Teachers and schools vary on the timing for the CS.  One option might be to complete the bulk of the CS by the end of year 1 and add only the HL element ( connections with own art) early in year 2. On the other hand, SL students could very well complete the CS earlier in the course. Many teachers would prefer to have it finished by the end of year 1 simply to get it out of the way, but HL students benefit from choosing artworks that are relevant to their own interests, hence the argument for intorducing it end of year 1 and completing early in year 2. See Mapping a Course Outline 


          Looking for a ready made Course Outline?

          Mapping a Course Outline  page has a hyperlinked 18 month course planner which you can modify to suit your specific needs. There is also a more basic signposted template you can customize  General Course Outline

          Unit Planners new feature: template and sample unit plans with links to  ATL, ToK, assessment, learning skills, transfer goals etc. Simplify your life!

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