Exhibition Texts

Clarifying text

For each piece of art work included in The Exhibition students must write a brief exhibition text which states the title, medium, size, followed by a brief text that supports or explains your focus/intentions in this piece.

What do we mean by intentions?

The bulk of the student's supporting statement will be in the Curatorial Rationale but each piece in the exhibition has an accompanying short paragraph that can help the moderator to understand the students intentions or provide important information that might not be readily deducible from the photograph. This can be a short paragraph or a few lines, 500 characters max ( including spaces) and some pieces will require more information than others.

Tip: This is also the place to mention particular artists or experiences that directly influenced this piece, or technical details regarding materials or process.

Below is an example of a piece and its' exhibition text by student Kamila Salikhbaeva, you can see how helpful the text is in communicating her intentions.

Title: Selling Out

Medium: photographic print with added paper and tape

Size: 200x100cm

Intention 'The background is a photograph of a wall which was taken by me on the streets of Tashkent. I decided to print it out as a banner to create an imitation of a wall with ads, which are common in Uzbekistan. Then I added my own ads that say things like “Trading fortune for dignity. Goods cannot be returned” and “We offer Freedom!” which communicate the idea of ‘selling out’ - of emotions, feelings and human qualities. The ads that I made were based on the Seven Deadly Sins described in the Bible, and on life in Uzbekistan.'

Describe the Medium

When labeling work mixed media, rather than saying "mixed media", why not state more precisely what some of these mixed media are? It is very helpful to the examiner.

Found Objects/ Ready-mades

When a student has created  work made from found objects this is considered constructed by the student but they should state whether objects are self made, found, or purchased, under "medium" in exhibition text.

Example 2: mixed media

Title Preservation of the American Species

Medium Collage of various papers and found photos from old botany books with pencil and acrylic paint on canvas

Size 90 x 50 cm

Intention This piece is a collage composed of photos of the leaves, bark and branches of 50 different species of native north American trees, some of them disappearing species. This tree does not exist in botany but is intended as a symbol of diversity and fragility in nature.

350 characters total text

Anonymising work

For what concerns anonymising the work, the IB is asking not to include details such as the candidate name and school name on the actual work. The system links the candidate’s work to his/her name, but examiners do not see this. There will be no penalty applied if the details are shown, but the IB aims at avoiding bias as much as possible.

TIP: Keeping an exhibition art works log

As students begin to think about selecting work for the final exhibition, it is a good idea to write the exhibition texts for each resolved artwork and keep it on file for easy, quicker copy and paste when uploading time comes. To facilitate this process I have prepared an exhibition log template for you to download and use art works for exhibition log

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