Predicted Grades

Expectations....on a 1-7 scale

A predicted grade is the teacher’s prediction of the 1-7 grade the student is expected to achieve in the subject. This is based on all the evidence of the candidate’s work and the teacher’s knowledge of IB assessment standards.

Key changes in 2021 to IB teacher PGs.
• PGs will be based on what has historically been achieved in schools.
• The IB will provide schools with an allocated distribution of PGs available for each subject/level for their candidates.
"This new approach is intended to help schools provide consistent PGs."
There is a now a new function on IBIS for the submission of PGs in May/November 2021. Teachers will still have the option to Enter and Amend grades but the programme coordinator will be required to Complete the grade entry before the deadline. 

Note: for special cases where there is a need to revisit the allocated grade range, contact by email -using the title “Allocation of PGs – exceptional candidate”.

    For predicted grades always refer to the 1-7 marks in Group 6 Grade Descriptors

    Try to make each prediction as accurately as possible, without under-predicting or over-predicting. Universities may consider the predicted grades when students are applying for admission, see recognition of IB Diploma by Universities


    Predicted grades are also required for theory of knowledge and the extended essay, so if you are supervising an Extended Essay in Visual Arts you will be expected to give a predicted grade: A, B ,C, D etc

    You will submit your predicted grades on IBIS well before Internal Assessment deadlines

    Internal Assessment for Visual Arts differs form Predicted Grades and regards only the The Exhibition component of the course

    For further questions see your DP Coordinator and consult the IB document " Requirements for Predicted Grades in 2021"

    "if the school believes it is appropriate for a limited number of exceptional candidates in their school to receive higher PGs than is the norm for the school. In this situation, schools are required to:
    a. Email using the title “Allocation of PGs – exceptional
    b. The IB will review the case and the programme coordinator will be contacted with
    details around what supporting evidence is required.
    c. The IB will confirm if the request has been accepted or rejected. If accepted, the
    distribution will be amended, in order for the PG to be entered for these candidates."

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