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Welcome to InThinking IB Visual Art!

This website is designed to help you understand the requirements of the course and provide support and encouragement for you as you work towards your IB Art examination.

What is this course about? 

Even if you are already familiar... this page lays it all out clearly and links you to all the other sections and pages in student access. It is definitely the place to get started, click on the link and explore.

What is IB Art?

An opportunity to develop your skills as an artist and your understanding of art on a deeper level.IB Visual Arts is a largely self-directed course. Although there are set assessment requirements, the...

How to use this site....

Student Access Pages

As a student you have access to your own section of the website, and many pages are automatically available to you. These pages will provide you with lots of useful tips, strategies, and examples. Your teacher may also assign pages with specific content and activities relevant to where you are in the course.

Both art making and research skills are important aspects of the course. 

Studio Strategies will lead you to experiments with various art techniques, conceptual starting points, discovering artists...

Research Resources  will get you started with investigation, referencing information, finding websites and other sources.

Studio Strategies

These pages are to help you in developing your personal art work, both in terms of technique and ideas. The end goal may be a fantastic exhibition but don't forget the pleasure and challenge of immersing...

Researching Art

This section has various pages to help you in finding source material when researching for the The Comparative Study or the Process Portfolio, The Extended Essay, and for your own personal artistic development.

Student Gallery

The Student Gallery has examples of top scoring work by former students. Some of the examples are readily available, others your teacher may grant you access on request.

Comparative Study Gallery

In this section you will find a range of examples of students' comparative studies. I have chosen to showcase aspirational studies, mostly 7s and a few 6s, that explore a variety of topics with different...

Process Portfolio Gallery

In this section you will find examples of students' Process Portfolio screens. A selection of screens per student will be available as a slideshow, and in some cases the entire submission. You may share...

Exhibition Gallery

In this section you will find slideshows of students' exhibition photos with texts and extracts from their Curatorial Rationale.For each student represented a selection of studio work is shown, not the...

Selected Pages


Art Seed Bank 10 February 2021

The Art Seed Bank is a collection of short invitations to create, to think about art, to try something different.Choose...


Seed: Drawing from TV 18 May 2020

While you are watchin...pause the movie or video when you see a screen that interests you visually. This might be due to...


Seed: Indirect Selfie 12 May 2020

Take a series of photos of yourself indirectly, using only reflections, shadows, etc.Think about context, where are you,...

Seed: On the Grid 15 February 2021

This activity explores how a grid can create structure or provide the impetus for a drawingGrid: A pattern or structure...

Seed: On the Edge 20 January 2021

Explore the state of precariousness through an artwork.Construct something that is on the edge of collapsing or falling...

Seed: Deterioration and Transformation 7 January 2021

Create a still life of something that will self transform over a period of time.This could be perishable substances; fruit,...

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