IB Core Review

IB Core

The IB Core refers to the core, or central requirements for all Diploma Programme students, regardless of the subjects chosen. Everyone must complete the core requirements to be awarded a Diploma. On this page you will find an overview of the three core areas with links to relevant pages available to students.

  The core elements as seen in the IBDP diagram

  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Creativity, Action and Service
  • The Extended Essay

      The three core requirements and their relationship to Visual Arts.

      Theory of Knowledge (ToK)

      In the Theory of Knowledge course (ToK) you explore forms of knowledge through the natural sciences, the social sciences, ethics, history, mathematics, religious and  indigenous knowledge systems, as well as the arts. ToK also requires you to reflect on different ways of knowing, including reason, emotion, sense perception, intuition, imagination, faith and memory, and consider how knowledge is arrived at in the various disciplines.

      TOK invites you to think critically and challenge your existing belief systems. For the art student it presents rich opportunities for asking questions that will inform your art-making investigation and practice.

      TOK and Art pages available to students

      Theory of Knowldege

      Art and Knowledge 

      Art and Meaning 

      Art and Originality

      Art and Values

      Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS)

      For students wishing to get involved in extracurricular CAS art projects, many links can be made between the visual arts and CAS, including exhibitions, workshops, productions, design, costumes, graphics, mentoring, murals, on-and-off campus projects. Put your creative skills to work, but remember, CAS activities must be distinct from the course requirements for any subject. Go to CAS and Visual Arts for examples or speak to your CAS coordinator.

      Extended essay (EE)

      All DP students are required to write an essay (4000 words max) on a topic of their choice, based on independent research. For the art student with a particular area of interest to explore, visual arts may be an appealing subject area for this in-depth research paper. Visual arts topics may include fine art, design, architecture, and aspects of contemporary visual culture. Students are strongly recommended to engage with primary sources, seeing and experiencing the work themselves whenever possible.You will need to find a teacher to be your EE supervisor.

      EE pages available to students

      Extended Essay Submission  

      The Research Question 

      Visual Arts EE Topics 

      Bibliographies for EE 

      Research Methods EE  

      Free Art Books 

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