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The tree structure of the website is divided into 7 main categories with many branching sub-sections. These sections are permeable and pages are linked throughout, since broadly speaking Visual Arts is neither linear nor categorical!

Finding stuff

The sitemap icon on the home page will allow you to see the whole picture at once. If you cant find something you are looking for, you may also search by putting a key word in the search box on the upper right side of the screen.

NEW material is added weekly, with updates and examples that reflect the most current and relevant IB information. I am always on the look out for topics of special interest to art teachers, to keep your teaching stimulating, informed and enjoyable.

You may also post questions on the forum at the end of each page. I will try to respond within a few days, and all teachers are welcome to join the conversation.

The most recent curriculum guide (see Understanding the New Syllabus) proposes 3 interlinking areas within visual arts and these areas are reflected in the structure of this site, with sections on art thinking, art making and curating and exhibitions. 

Here's what you can expect to find in each of the 7 main areas of this site

Course Design

Here you will find detailed discussion of each component Part 1,The Comparative Study, Part 2, Process Portfolio and Part 3, The Exhibition, the role of Visual Journal and examples of  Course Planning. 

Teachers may also find helpful the pages on approaches to teaching art: structure vs freedom, open ended assignments, the role of themes, key issues around how much we actually need to teach the subject and how much freedom to allow students.

For getting started with exciting, skill building assignments have a look at the suggestions in  Starting Strategies

IB Core explores the core requirements of the IB Diploma: the The Extended Essay the role of ToK in Visual Arts, CAS and the IB learner profile.

 Student access is a new feature and is free to all subscribing schools, to find out how it works go to

Student Access

This website is primarily for IB art teachers but the aim of all of us is to enable our students to realise their full potential and gain as high a mark as possible in art for their IB Diploma.

Creating Student Accounts

Beneath your name on the home page you will see 'My account' and 'Student access'.

Art Thinking

The Art Thinking section of this site focuses on critical thinking, looking at, reflecting on and responding to art, with many teaching activities to help build these "art thinking" skills. This includes Writing about Art Research and Practice , Building Art Vocabulary , Referencing and Citing SourcesFinding Information on Artists and using investigation and research to support art making.

Also in this section are resources on Culture and Context and examples of how to include this in our teaching. Culture is addressed from a geographic point of view but also from a thematic angle, with examples within different cultural, social and contexts.

Cross Curricular Connections  are an interesting way to develop art work informed by other topics the student is studying.

Art Making

This key area of the site is devoted to ideas about art production ranging from Drawing to Alternative Photographic Techniques to  Installation Art, and much more in between. Non traditional media are discussed in pages such as Beyond the Studio, Collaborative Projects,  Mad Materials and Emerging Media.

In the  Techniques, Materials and Processes you will find a range of practical teaching ideas and ready to use lessons to choose from when you need.

Exhibitions and Curating

This section addresses visual communication both as viewer and creator. There are many practical activities for introducing and teaching Curatorial Practice and on curating and presenting work for exhibition.  Visiting Exhibitions provides tips and clear guidelines for visiting exhibitions with students.

I strongly recommend browsing Selected Artists and Shows to have a look at selected artists and exhibitions, a way to get to know new artists, discover exhibitions you might not get to see yourself, and find useful related teaching activities.


Everything you need to know about assessment and more!

E submission Guidelines, Group 6 Grade Descriptors planning and progress forms Planning and Progress Form , rubrics and discussion of the criteria for each component, handy charts for formative assessing , Self Assessment Rubrics  for students, and much more.

Student Gallery

This student gallery includes a curated selection of student work across all three components. This is intended as a place where teachers can share best examples of student work once the work has been marked- with the students consent naturally. Please visit the page for info on how to submit your students work.

You can view slides from each student represented in the galleries, organized by component

Comparative Study Gallery

Process Portfolio Gallery

Exhibition Gallery

Resources and Inspiration

Although this might not be your first port of call, Reflections on Creativity and the psychology of creativity are a fascinating topic for anyone engaged in creative work, students or teachers. There are lots of fun, quirky resources here, Surrealist Games , Oblique Strategies , Your Taste is Killer, Nothing is Original ...  just to name a few.

There are resource pages on Visual Arts in Education, practical tips for Applying to Art School, and for Showing Film and Video ( have you ever seen A Brief History of John Baldessari?) and Guest Teacher Lessons by teachers like yourselves, sharing their areas of special knowledge.

Take a peek inside some Sketchbooks and Studios, and for a special focus on YOU visit the section on the Teacher as Artist and, why not, write your own Artist's Manifesto !

It is my heartfelt wish that you find everything ( or most everything) you need to support your teaching here, and that this resource may ease your load and be a pleasure for you to use. Happy teaching!

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Creating Student Accounts 7 September 2019

Beneath your name on the home page you will see 'My account' and 'Student access'.My fellow site author Geoff Neuss has...

Student Access 28 August 2019

This website is primarily for IB art teachers but the aim of all of us is to enable our students to realise their full potential...

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