Exhibitions and Curating

Creator, Viewer, Curator

This is a new section of the website intended to explore the importance of looking at, responding to and presenting art to the world. The new guide encourages students to become aware of how art is curated and displayed, how artists think and present work as well as make it. Students will consider their own  their intentions and views on why and how they make their work.

The section on Curatorial Practice includes discussion of  artist and viewer experience, methods of display, gallery visits and questions, and curating activites.

Focus and Continuity

how to developing focus and continuity of ideas and work towards creating a unified, coherent body of work for final exhibtion.

The pages on Visiting Exhibitions provides tips and clear guidelines for visiting and responding to exhibitions at Museums and galleries.

The Selected Artists and Shows takes a look at a range of artists and exhibitions, often with relevant teaching suggestions. 

The Critique  has guidelines, questions and suggestions for group and individual reflections and feedback.

Selected Pages


Onggi Master 2 September 2017

Onggi is traditional Korean earthenware made from clay with a high percentage of iron and hand formed on a kick wheel. Onggi...


Curatorial Practice 24 June 2015

Curatorial practice is a bit of a buzzword lately, with courses and programs in Curatorial Studies offered at Art Colleges...


Photo Montage Collage 3 May 2014

Sure we know Instagram and photoshop, but also polaroid and photo collage; altered images have been around since the 19th...

The Clock, Christian Marclay 8 November 2018

The Clock, a 24 hour film collagetexTime is indeed of essence for artist and filmaker Christian Marclay. The Clock is a...

Selected Artists and Shows 17 December 2017

Inspired by lookingLooking at artwork by going to exhibitions or even checking in virtually with what's out there is one...

Is Fashion Modern? 22 October 2017

The new exhibition at MOMA entitled Is Fashion Modern? gives those students interested in fashion an intelligent, comprehensive...

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