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Exam Revision PacksThu 16 February 2017

Helping students to prepare for the exams!Page getting an overhaul - with 3 new revision packs on the way......This page is the home of a series of revision packs designed for the final stages of the... more

Television SeriesfreeMon 30 January 2017

In the age of user ratings (airbnb, trip advisor) more of our decisions are based on the views of 'the crowd' and those in the industry being rated will be increasingly interested in what it takes to... more

Marked ProjectsfreeMon 30 January 2017

The aim of these pages is provide some examples for teachers of projects that have been completed, the marks they were awarded and the justification for those marks. The more such examples we have seen,... more

Site UpdatesfreeMon 30 January 2017

Get a detailed summary of every change and update here.One of the major advantages of web based resources must be that they remain dynamic. Whilst I hope there is already a significant amount of very... more

Twitter VennThu 19 January 2017

'How many tweets a day contain the words..... and...... and.......?'This twitter Venn application is really good for playing with Venn diagrams to really try and understand what they mean and how they... more

Focus on SetsThu 19 January 2017

Sets, subsets, intersections and so on. Sets are a mathematical way of classifying objects by means of clear definitions. Any given object has a number of properties that can be sued to classify it and... more

Favourite moviesMon 9 January 2017

This is a student that struggles a lot with some fundamental mathematical ideas and applications of those ideas and - as such - the project is not breathtaking. That said, the student has followed their... more

Homicide RatesMon 26 December 2016

This is an able students who has, in general, shown excellent attention to detail and this has come across in this internal assessment. The student studies geography and has a real interest in human geography... more

AircraftSun 4 December 2016

I enjoyed this project because the candidate was generally able to pursue and area of interest to him. The project is simple and very much in the spirit intended, particularly by the changes in the last... more

Focus on Non-right angle trigonometryThu 17 November 2016

Here we take trigonometry to the next level by working with triangles that do not have a right angle. We will work on three key rules. The Sine rule, the Cosine rule and the formula for th area of a triangle.... more