Focus on Sets

Set Theory

Sets, subsets, intersections and so on. Sets are a mathematical way of classifying objects by means of clear definitions. Any given object has a number of properties that can be sued to classify it and so objects can be in more than one set and so on. With Venn diagrams and set builder notation we can describe and visualise sets and combinations of sets and use them to solve problems.

Class activities

This will list any activities that students might take on during the study of this sub-topic.

Twitter Venn

Check out this great Twitter application. Anyone can use it! Type in 2 or 3 different words. the engine checks statistics for 'daily tweets containing these words' then produces a Venn diagram showing the stats with each set corresponding to one of the words you entered.​ *NOTE - some users have had problems with this application and there might be a risk that it is no longer supported. I am looking in to it and will update accordingly.

Web Venns

There are lots of venn diagrams out there that can be used to help understand the concept. For example, a venn diagram of films starring Denzel Washington, where the sets a 'films where he wore glasses, films where he wore hats and films where he had facial hair! This page contains links to diagrams and images with questions you could ask to go with them!

Sets of Quadrilaterals

All squares are rectangles, all rhombuses are parallelograms. how many of these statements can we make? Put all the sets of quadrilaterals on the same Venn diagram! Can it be done? These are a great context for exploring subsets and 'if then' statements

Human Venn

Help students get to grips with Venn diagrams by making a giant one with playground chalk, coming up with different ways of classifying themselves and jumping in to it! This can be done quickly with lots of different sets or more slowly with some considered sets and a bit of artistic impression. At the end students can draw themselves in the diagram and invite other students in the school to do the same!

Summary Slides

Teachers may want to share these slides with students for learning or recapping key topics.


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