new website ... it is coming

Wednesday 30 October 2019

I have put a few notices on this site over the past couple of months indicating that the new website for the new Analysis & Approaches courses will be launched soon. This is still very much the case. It is coming very soon. Unfortunately, I have had some unexpected delays and hiccups which are nearly resolved. When the site is launched, I will send all teachers who are subscribed to this site a message announcing the launch. I would like everyone to understand that the site will continue to be a work in progress even after it is launched. There will definitely be some parts of the new site that will be incomplete but I will be working hard to populate the site with as many useful materials, ideas, problems, etc as I possibly can. I have already put some materials for the Analysis & Approaches course on the new syllabus > new website page. Once the site is launched, I very much welcome feedback of any kind. Queries from subscribers are very helpful to me in improving and building the site with the objective of making it as useful as possible for teachers.


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