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Sunday 20 May 2018

Getting Closer

At my school, we will have an evening for propsective IB students and their parents in late October or early November 2018, which means we need to have answers to some key questions before then. That seems quite near and so it is a topic we are talking about quite a lot at the moment! I have written about the questions that I think schools are facing here and we have given as detailed a breakdown as we can of the new courses here -  New Curriculum(2019): Applications if you haven't seen it already.

What are we doing?

So this blog is really just about what we are planning on the site and what it is that teachers might be looking for. At this stage, this is the plan for development of the site......

  • It seems like the majority of resources on this site as it is will be easily transferable to the new course. As such, it will be reviewed and reorganised in to the new units by the spring of 2019 so that we are offering hige cross section of resources that you can use to teach the new course.
  • We will offer a section on making the transition, considering the changes and general management of bringing in the new courses.
  • We will offer a detailed scheme of work for the new Applications and Interpretations course for the 2 years starting in September 2019.
  • We will aim to have the first term fully resourced well in advance.
  • Then we will aim to keep at least few months in advance of the scheme 
  • After that we will of course continue to add depth, questions and quality to the site so that we continue to offer you more.

What is on your mind?

In the mean time we would be really keen to hear from you about what your main priorities are. What do you most want to know? What kind of resources would you most like? How would you like the site to develop? Please add suggestions to this google form or comment on this blog post.


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