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Practise Projects6 October 2016

Time is probably the teachers biggest complaint when it comes to fitting in different ideas into a syllabus and it is so with good reason! As a result, it is often beneficial to look for ways in which... more

Project Problemsfree6 October 2016

The following is a list and description of some of the most common problems there are involved with choosing and completing projects, along with some ideas about how to overcome them. It is intended for... more

Whats in the News?6 October 2016

An analysis is carried out on a newspaper (more if time allows) to try an determine the preferences for types of article, gender of writer, use of photographs and size of article.Truly a laborious process... more

The Limits of Human Endurance6 October 2016

The aim is to look for limits, predictions on the minimum time, maximum height and distance for various athletic events by modelling the history of world records in these events.To do this project you... more

Number One Singles6 October 2016

Data is collected about the History of Number one singles and then analysed with a view to looking at how the features of a number one single may have changed over time and then looking for possible reasons... more

Possible Tasks6 October 2016

There is no doubt that the best projects come from students that have come up with their own idea. They may not be the first students to do so, but the idea was original to them and then they had help... more

Project Plannerfree5 October 2016

The diagram above is an appropriate model more often than not! A lot of planning is required before anything actually gets done. The planning is probably the hardest part! With that in mind, the following... more

Managing Projectsfree5 October 2016

This page offers a number of management strategies for teachers and students for the planning and completion of a good Internal Assessment project in a sensible time frame. When should students start... more

About IA5 October 2016

This page is intended as a a brief guide to the IA process and the paperwork you should have to hand for planning and running it. This will be most appropriate for those new to teaching the course, but... more

Mathematical Processes5 October 2016

This is worth a quarter of the marks and is, as such, a really significant chunk of the work!ScoreDescription0There is no maths! You haven’t done any calculations with your information. more