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Dancing Quads - TN3 October 2016

Static vs dynamic! There is really something about seeing mathematics as dynamic that helps to make sense of it. The general quadratic in the form y = (x - a)2 +b represents a family of functions that... more

Quadratic Properties - TN3 October 2016

Quadratic geometry follows some wonderful patterns and there is a lovely logic that explains how changes in algebra give rise to changes in the appearance. When you understand the algebra well enough... more

Quadratic Properties3 October 2016

'Discover more about the enduring properties of quadratics and their symmetry!'How can you tell from a quadratic function what its going to look like and where its going to be? Are they always symmetrical?... more

Quadratic Links - TNfree3 October 2016

Probably the most powerful thing a student learns in mathematics lesson is that they often already have all the tools they need. With this activity students need to reason with eachother using those skills... more

Quadratic Linksfree3 October 2016

'Use logical deduction to piece this quadratic puzzle together and make lots of quadratic links!'How much information do you need about a quadratic function before you can sketch it? How do you find the... more

Half my age - TN29 September 2016

On his 20th birthday a man realizes that he is now exactly ½ the age of his Mother who is 40. This man has always been curious with numbers and patterns and immediately asks himself if this has ever... more

Half My Age29 September 2016

'How many times will you be half the age of one of your parents? A look at modelling with functions'On his 20th birthday a man realizes that he is now exactly ½ the age of his Mother who is 40. This... more

Modelling World Population Growthfree29 September 2016

How has the World's population been changing?Page under constructionMathematical models are thrown about all over the place but they are often difficult to understand. They actually underpin a huge amount... more

Mathematical Models29 September 2016

'A guide for for teaching! Ideas and resources and lessons to look forward to'This page is good for the 'Mathematical models' unit in the new syllabus and the 'Functions' unit from the previous one! more

Making Conesfree29 September 2016

'Explore cones by making one! A great puzzle that helps to understand the formulae for cones'It sounds easy, but is it? Make a cone with a base radius of 10 cm and a perpendicular height of 24 cm. What... more