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Marked Examples

The aim of these pages is provide some examples for teachers of projects that have been completed, the marks they were awarded and the justification for those marks. The more such examples we have seen, the better the frame of reference we have for future marking. Please find on this page links to a number of example projects with the marks given with justification.



Gun Crime - Gun crime, ownership and the Brandt Line 19/20
Homicide Rates - Investigating factors that may affect homicide rates 18/20
GDP and Fertility  - Comparing African and European countries 15/20
Aircraft - Investigating an Aircrafts useful load 14/20
Goal Scoring Ability - What makes a good goal scorer 14/20
Television Series - Investigating the popularity of TV series 13/20
Instagram User - What do these have in common 12/20
Favourite movies - What affects a person's preference? 11/20

Comparing the Old and New Syllabi

Although we are well in the the new syllabus, experienced teachers maybe still getting used the new IA process and how it compares to the previous one. As such this Old and New Syllabi - Examples page offers three example projects that are marked with both the old and new criteria to imagine how they compare.

Old and New Syllabi - Examples

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Comments 2

Grant Fossum 19 January 2017 - 12:06

Thank you so much for adding these, it is great to have some new examples to look at. I love this site, but I do have an idea for consideration and I am trying to do as well. I think it would help to do a "fake" IA with students with pre-defined data and have them work through each criterion. IE, writing practice intro, data collection, etc on a correlation study and evaluating each part. You have given several similar ideas and starting points throughout the site.

Jim Noble 23 January 2017 - 07:06

Absolutely agree Grant - I think that is a very useful activity. I have written about it a bit here and have a couple of favourites. I often make use of this adatbase for a practice project - and like to develop this one as a modelling example... Would love to hear about more ideas and about what you do....

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