Subscriptions & accounts


A subscription to a InThinking subject site entitles teachers & students at an individual school to access the site in question for 12 months.

Schools & institutions: Please specify how many teachers will be using each site. You can request up to five users. If you are a large department and require additional users, please contact us directly at mail[at]

Private Tutors: Private tutors can also subscribe and get a personal account for a single user.

You can find all relevant information prices and how to subscribe here.


Yes, we accept subscriptions from individual teachers and private tutors. The price is the same as for school subscriptions.

Parents and students are not able to subscribe to our subjects sites which are for the exclusive use of teachers and their classes.

Note that when a school subscribes to a site not only teachers but also students at that school will be able to access its contents.

Your school can take out a one month free trial for any subject if it has not had access - either a previous subscription or previous free trial - to that subject in the previous two years.

Free Trials are only available for IB schools.

Some of our subject sites are not yet complete and are at various stages of development. Such "beta" sites are free.

Subscribers to beta sites will be given a 2 week warning prior to their switching to pay sites.

Beta sites are only available for IB schools.

No. Given the quantity and quality of the material on each site, together with the fact that they are updated every week, we think they offer remarkably good value for money.

If you request an invoice in order to pay by bank transfer, you can find our bank details on the invoice. They comprise our account name, bank name & address, IBAN, and SWIFT. Note that the IBAN is the only thing you need to make a payment. (Account numbers and sort codes are not relevant in Andorra.)

If you request an invoice and do not receive it within 48 hours, check your junk folder and ensure that InThinking is on your “Safe senders” list. Otherwise, contact us.

One you receive an email confirming your subscription, you can contact us by return email and we will send you an after sales invoice.

If you try to pay by credit card and receive the message "Method of payment not available for this card", your payment has not been accepted. In this case, we suggest you try the PayPal option. You do not need to belong to PayPal to use it to pay and can use the same credit card.

If you paid for the site by credit card or PayPal, you should receive the activation code immediately. Please check your junk folder and ensure that InThinking is on your “Safe senders” list. If you paid by bank transfer or cheque, you will only receive the activation code when InThinking has received the money. This can sometimes take more than two weeks.

This may be because: (a) you have made a typing error; (b) you subscribe to two or more subject sites and are using the wrong log-in details (c) your subscription has expired. Otherwise, please contact us.

You need to enable cookies on InThinking subject sites to create your user sessions. Click the relevant link to get help enabling cookies under Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or MS Internet Explorer. Alternatively, try using another web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Login, click your name, and go to your profile. Click the link “Manage teacher accounts” on the left hand column. 

If you need more teacher slots, please contact us.

No. If, for example, your subscription expires on 1 November 2020 and you resubscribe early on 1 September 2020, your resubscription will kick in on 1 November and last a full year until 1 November 2021.

Unless you have an individual subscription, your subscription will not move with you when you change schools. 

You will need to ask your new school to subscribe to the site.