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Subscription overview

A subscription to a InThinking subject site entitles teachers & students at an individual school to access the site in question for 12 months.

The cost of an annual subscription to our standard sites – which are updated at least once a week 52 weeks a year – is 270 USD / 220 EUR / 210 GBP per subject. This fee includes student access to selected pages.

Schools can request up to five teacher users when they subscribe. (If you are a large department and require additional users, please contact us directly at mail[at]inthinking.net.)

Private tutors can also subscribe and get a personal account for a single user. The price is the same as for a school subscription.

You can pay by Credit card (recommended) or PayPal for immediate access. Alternatively you can request an invoice against which to pay by bank transfer. You will receive the invoice within three working days.

Non Standard pay sites

Teach Mathematics is a non-standard site which is updated less frequently than other sites and is for teachers of middle years students in any programme. An annual subscription for TeachMathematics is 110 EUR / 100 GBP / 130 USD.

Beta sites

Some of our sites are currently beta versions (i.e. under development). Beta sites are free. Subscribers to these sites will be given a 2 week warning prior to them switching to pay.

Beta sites are only available for IB schools.

Free Trials

A school can take out a one month free trial for any subject if it has not had access to that subject in the previous two years.

Free Trials are only available for IB schools.

Please note:

  1. Cheques: We are unable to accept payments by cheque.
  2. Purchase orders: We don't deliver against purchase orders, but if you request an invoice and write the PO number in the Comments field, we can include it on your invoice.
  3. Discounts: We are unable to give discounts for individual or multiple subscriptions; nor can we offer prorated subscriptions for less than a year.
  4. Resubscriptions: If you are already subscribed to any of our sites, please log in first to renew or add more sites.
  5. Fair Use: A subscription cannot be shared between different schools. (If two institutions have different IB codes, they count as different schools.)

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