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"I, too, sing America": 5 Significant Michelle Obama SpeechesfreeThu 19 January 2017

As the Obama era comes to a close in the United States, much has been made - and rightly so - about his abilities as an orator. Websites and newspapers are ranking his top speeches, comparing them to... more

2016 P2 SL (Hedda Gabler and Master Harold and the Boys)Fri 13 January 2017

Question number one from the May 2016 Paper 2 exam is a tough one: “Identify some of the forms intolerance can take, and discuss how its effects on both the victims and the intolerant are presented... more

WT SL (Nineteen Eighty-Four)freeThu 12 January 2017

This Written Task is based on a literary option, in this instance, George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, studied by this student in Part 4 of his course.On the InThinking Language and Literature... more

Have Your Say – Sports Columns and Mass CommunicationFri 6 January 2017

Love him or hate him, the sports columnist Rick Reilly has had a prolific career. He wrote the “Life of Reilly” column—appearing on the back page of Sports Illustrated from 1997-2007—and then... more

Comparative Commentaries to Go: HIV/AIDSThu 5 January 2017

In 1992, talking openly about HIV and AIDS was groundbreaking; to do it on live television was even more unheard of at the time. Mary Fisher’s speech “A Whisper of AIDS” ushered in a new era of... more

2016 P2 SL (Persepolis and A View from the Bridge)Thu 29 December 2016

This is the second response to the May 2016, Paper 2 question, ‘Identify some of the forms intolerance can take, and discuss how its effects on both the victims and the intolerant are presented in at... more

Paper 2: Writing Effective Introductory ParagraphsThu 15 December 2016

I have read thousands of essays written by high school and undergraduate students. And, I have written a few essays myself. Of those that I have read, I have witnessed the sacred and the profane, the... more

WT2 Q6 (Little Red Cap - 1)Fri 2 December 2016

The following Written Task 2 (HL) Critical Response addresses the prompt ‘how does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose’? The question... more

WT2 Q6 (Little Red Cap - 2)Fri 2 December 2016

Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife is an excellent collection of poems to include in an English A: Language and Literature course. The title of the collection plays on the aphorism ‘the world and... more

2014 Paper 1 (SL) Return to The Cagle PostThu 24 November 2016

The following response comments on the first SL text from the November 2014 examination, an online text from Daryl Cagle’s The Cagle Post, published in August 2012. Cagle is a celebrated American cartoonist.... more