The nature of Part 3 means that lessons are organized around literary works. Because Part 3 works should be contextually rich in order to meet the intended learning outcomes, they may require research that goes beyond the text itself. 

In the following pages you can see how contextually rich, literary works have been explored in depth. If you are interested in studying these particular works, these pages provide a step by step approach. If you are working on other literary texts in class, you can consult these pages for inspiration and reference.

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Michael Maupin 24 August 2016 - 11:13

Hi Tim and David,
Part 3 requires the study of three literary works; is there any 'rule' against studying an additional fourth work as part of Part 3?

David McIntyre 24 August 2016 - 23:54

Hi Michael,

You may include a 4th text, but I would recommend against it. The IBDP is demanding. Asking kids to do 'more' is, to my mind, unfair. Also, I think that students will not be advantaged in their exam by reading an extra book. But, the student inspired to become a lifelong reader will, I would think, be advantaged in exams and in life.

I hope this helps.


Nancy Elberg 19 September 2016 - 15:24

Hi there,
I'm teaching Persepolis, Black Boy and The House on Mango Street for part 3.
I'd like to change the last one, and as it is the free choice book, it could be anything.
I thought about Things Fall Apart, or even The Joy Luck Club, but I was hoping you could recommend other books that are popular with students.

Tim Pruzinsky 21 September 2016 - 07:24

Hi Nancy,

Perhaps you pick up a play. Students often like "Streetcar" and "Master Harold..."

If you want to stick with novels, "1984" is a popular choice as is "The Great Gatsby." It's a bit hard to recommend as I don't know what you did for Part 3 and I like to make my syllabus as rounded as possible. Of course, these all come from the PLA, and if you want complete free choice, perhaps "The Kite Runner."


KHUSHNUMA GANDHI 19 January 2017 - 14:57

I wish to teach Persepolis. I need guidance if we need to do both parts or we can do one only:
Requesting guidance on urgent basis

David McIntyre 20 January 2017 - 00:17

Hi Khushnuma,

The books were published independently of one another. There is no requirement to do both parts (although my advice is that, if possible, you should cover both parts).

Best regards,


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