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For a nervous first-time IB teacher, InThinking was there for me when there wasn't a lot of choice regarding teachers' reference materials. Now 5 years later, I still find myself coming back for teaching ideas and confirmation that I haven't gone crazy!

Timmy Yip, HKCCCU Logos Academy, China

InThinking EnglishB is the best tool for planning, organizing and keeping up to date with everything related to EnglishB syllabus, As icing on the cake, it gives meaningful insight into the EnglishB teacher's role and motivates to improve and develop...

Petra Lonka, Kannaksen lukio, Finland

This website is a great resource for English Language B teachers. Lots of information and best of all, free resources to use in class! I also like the way it's very up-to-date... I can highly recommend it!

Judith Goebel, Frankfurt International School, Germany


1984 revisited (again)

Sunday 29 January 2017

.Orwell may have been ahead of his time in envisaging the 'telescreen', but the idea of the internet, indeed, of modern communications technology... more

1984 revisited

Sunday 29 January 2017

.According to various news media, sales of George Orwell’s 1984 have soared amazingly (see the Guardian’s report). This coincides with the... more


Thursday 17 November 2016

.The Oxford English Dictionary has just declared 'post-truth' to be the Word of the Year 2016. This responds to the trending concept that we... more

Subscriber comments

  • 27 Mar Martin Docherty
    PR & text types
    Thanks David, that's great!
  • 27 Mar Jacqueline Petrosky
    Paper 2 HL, marked
    Thank you, David, for breaking apart how we should approach the marking in such a supportive way!
  • 26 Mar David Ripley
    Section B
    Correct, Natalie - students can write any type of text, and that includes an 'essay' (although the word limit of 250 words is likely to mean that it won't exactly be a fully-developed or complex 'essay'!). Two fundamental points:- 1. See the...
  • 26 Mar Natalie Swailes
    Section B
    Hi David, Is an essay a suitable text type for Paper 2 Section B, despite the Guide suggesting Essay was only a SL text type? I'm assuming "any text type" means an essay is perfectly acceptable for an HL student to use in this section of the...
  • 24 Mar Stephanie Ribeiro Ribeiro
    About text types
    Great! Thank you!
  • 23 Mar Yvonne ZHANG
    Paper 1 Reading
  • 22 Mar Sadrina Vlachou
    Extended Essay 2018
    Thank you David.
  • 22 Mar David Ripley
    Paper 1 Reading
    I'll send you an email, Gerry.
  • 22 Mar David Ripley
    Extended Essay 2018
    Wow! With 6 students, you are having a busy time, Sadrina! Anyway, to business:- 1) Pink Floyd ... the problem with this RQ is that there is no mention whatsoever of anglophone culture: as it stands, it's just an essay about interpreting a...
  • 22 Mar David Ripley
    PR & text types
    That's perfectly sensible, Martin - any text type which enables clear 'reasoned argument' (which is what the Subject Guide says is required).
  • 22 Mar Martin Docherty
    PR & text types
    Hello David, I have been instructing my students to write an essay for Section B to minimise stress and wasting time in the exam when having to decide on an appropriate text type, is this a bad idea? Thanks
  • 22 Mar Yvonne ZHANG
    Paper 1 Reading
    Hi, Our school wishes to use the November 2016 paper 1 for HL mock exams next week. We bought the test paper but text B has been removed "for copyright reasons". We can locate the source text but the line numbers are not as the same as on the...