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This site has been very helpful in both providing very useful resources, but also ideas about how to go about the teaching of particular topics.

Catriona James, Felsted School, UK

This website is a great resource for English Language B teachers. Lots of information and best of all, free resources to use in class! I also like the way it's very up-to-date... I can highly recommend it!

Judith Goebel, Frankfurt International School, Germany

As a teacher new to DP, David's InThinking website has been an invaluable resource. While the IB guides are very useful, there are areas that require clarification, clarification I have repeatedly found on David's website. Having access to both the website...

Paul Rosevere, Kuei Shan School, Taipei



Thursday 17 November 2016

.The Oxford English Dictionary has just declared 'post-truth' to be the Word of the Year 2016. This responds to the trending concept that we... more

Trickledown & horseshit

Sunday 2 October 2016

.Images are fascinating things to play with in the gymnasium of the imagination ... but images are only really worth the effort if they mean... more

Launching the qBank

Wednesday 29 June 2016

.I have been working very hard for the past four months or so, writing grammar exercises for the qBank. The what? I hear you say. Right ...... more

Subscriber comments

  • 20 Jan Nehemiah Olwande
    Instructions, marked
    This is quite helpful. Thanks for sharing.
  • 19 Jan Iwona Gortowska
    The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
    Dear David, I am so pleased to see the the novel we have been exploring in our English B department since 2014. Last year, May 2016 exam, one of my student's WA received 22 points. My students and I tried to apply conceptual understanding while...
  • 18 Jan Yolanda Cenamor
    Extended Essay 2018
    Thank you so much for your priceless advice. My student is already reading about the Amish, but he hasn't come up with a line of inquiry or a question yet. If it could be possible, I'd like to write to you again with his idea to make sure...
  • 18 Jan David Ripley
    WA marking criteria
    The choice of text type for the HL WA is completely open, Selene. Note what the Subject Guide says : all that is required is that the student should "produce an appropriate text in the selected text type" (p.41). In other words, the text type...
  • 18 Jan Selene Cruz
    WA marking criteria
    Hi David, The guide mentions that students should choose a certain text type to work with, like the ones used in Paper 2. However, it also suggests WA ideas such as alternate endings which may not necessarily fit into a specific text type....
  • 17 Jan Deniz Sayın
    Extended Essay
    I will... Thank you so much :)
  • 16 Jan David Ripley
    Extended Essay
    Oh dear, Deniz ... that's a DIFFICULT question! OK... the point must be that for an English B Extended Essay, it must concentrate on some element of anglophone architecture which says something about anglophone culture. This is essential -...
  • 16 Jan Deniz Sayın
    Extended Essay
    Dear David, I know that you answer all the questions here. I'd like to take this opportinity to say thank you soooo much for your help One of my students wants to work on architecture as he wants to study architecture at university and he is...
  • 13 Jan David Ripley
    Extended Essay 2018
    Interesting idea, Yolanda. I presume your slight concern is as to whether the Amish are considered 'Anglophone Culture' ? I would say, fairly definitely, that yes, they are. So far as I understand, the Amish society only exists in US, and only...
  • 13 Jan Yolanda Cenamor
    Extended Essay 2018
    First of all, thank you for this really useful site. I am brand new at teaching English B, in fact, this is the first year of teaching DP at our school. As for Extended Essays, I would like you tell me if an analysis of a particular aspect...
  • 12 Jan Claire Potter
    The Individual Oral
    It's all a lot clearer now. Thanks very much for your help David.
  • 12 Jan David Ripley
    The Individual Oral
    Indeed, Claire - 'Sample 1' does refer to anorexia (doh!) And yes, you're right, the 'interview' is rather carelessly referred to by several different titles. The term used in the Subject Guide is 'Individual Oral', so that's the correct term...