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May 2016 Subject Report Summary

Thursday 12 January 2017

The first subject report since the new visual arts curriculum has been implemented is now published. Subject reports are a summary of the last... more

Summer IB Art Immersion

Tuesday 26 April 2016

its happening agian this summer.....What happens when you try to compress an IB art program into 2 intense weeks? Well, we've had a go at it... more

Attitudes toward Beauty

Saturday 16 January 2016

Like others in the arts, I often find myself thinking about the word beauty, what it means in art and in the world today. Has beauty been largely... more

Subscriber comments

  • 27 Mar Liz Jones
    Sound Art
    Hi, I am in full agreement as well - I've several students who have incorporated music/sound into their artworks and it bolsters and supports and in some cases walks in tandem with the visuals. How this can be disregarded by a ruling not only...
  • 27 Mar Victoria Wreden-Sadeq
    Group 6 Grade Descriptors
    Where are the descriptors for high school or the DP?
  • 27 Mar Stephen Davidson
    E submission Comparative Study
    Sorry ignore my last post - that's the PP hahahaha - it's Monday morning........
  • 27 Mar Stephen Davidson
    E submission Comparative Study
    Hi, The guide says HL 13 -25 screens and SL 9 - 18..... Has this changed?
  • 26 Mar Heather McReynolds
    CAF (Planning and Progress)
    yes Sarah, with the IA samples
  • 26 Mar Sarah Morshead
    CAF (Planning and Progress)
    Hi Heather, THanks for the info above. Does the VACAF form have to be uploaded with the internal assessments? It goes before all the other things does it? Or is there a later deadline for it? Thanks for clarifying this, Sarah
  • 25 Mar Ann Forget
    Art Making Forms Table
    Thank you, This is what I though but working with a student who is not easy! Thank you so much!
  • 25 Mar Heather McReynolds
    Art Making Forms Table
    Dear Ann, the 4-7 pieces submitted for the SL Exhibtion can be in any media, or in only one media. The 9-18 screens submitted for the SL PP on the other hand must address the art making forms table requirements and may include the development...
  • 25 Mar Heather McReynolds
    Navigating this Site
    Hi Cameron, you need to have a good idea of whether they will meet the final requirements and the level of the material completed thus far in order to predict the grade, even without having the full submission completed.
  • 25 Mar Heather McReynolds
    Part 1,The Comparative Study
    Students must be able to fully cite the artist, title, date and source of ALL images used, if they cant provide that info they should not use the image
  • 25 Mar Heather McReynolds
    Sophie, Process Portfolio, HL
    Hi Anna, the best way to share these student examples is to project them in class and discuss with students. We are simply trying to protect them from being misused ( plagiarised) altho it is unlikely i know...
  • 25 Mar Heather McReynolds
    E submission for Exhibition
    Hi Richard, you are right, you need to confirm first and then upload sample