Site updated

Dear colleagues,

The French B Orals site has been completely updated to meet the requirements of the language B programme (first exams in May 2020).

You will find on this site activities for the individual oral in French B, standard and higher levels, as well as a new section with activities for the oral comprehension exam.

All material for the programme which ends at the end of the year will remain accessible until November 2019.

Bonnes découvertes!

Ann, Nathalie, Pascale

Site mis à jour

Chers collègues,

Le site French B Orals a été entièrement renouvelé et correspond aux exigences du programme de français B (première évaluation en mai 2020).

Vous y trouverez des activités pour l’oral individuel en français langue B (niveau moyen et niveau supérieur) ainsi qu’une toute nouvelle section pour la compréhension orale (niveau moyen et niveau supérieur).

Le matériel pédagogique pour le programme qui se termine cette année restera accessible jusqu’en novembre 2019.

Bonnes découvertes!

Ann, Nathalie, Pascale


This resource has been truly effective in helping me prepare and execute my oral exams! Merci mille fois!

Monica Jefferson, Baltimore City College, USA

Love the fact that things are being updated, and new resources being added from last year to this year. It helped me tremendously, as I taught IB SL & HS exam year for the first time last year, and this year I teach only SL but besides 6 other levels...

Astrid Augat, Spruce Creek High School, USA

This is a tremendous help! Unfortunately, I was not notified by my district that my order had been fulfilled until this past September. However, you can bet I am making good use of it now! Merci Bien!

Elizabeth Conine, Hickory High School,


Le Monde en français

An expertly written French B course now updated for first examination 2020, providing students with thought-provoking materials to help them develop strong language skills and solid critical thinking. The coursebook helps students develop their French language skills as they explore the five themes from the new IB Diploma Language B guide: identities, experiences, human ingenuity, social organisation and sharing the planet. Each unit begins with 'big questions' that get learners thinking about global topics such as, 'how do we express our identity?' These help students appreciate wider issues before developing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through international texts, practice exercises and activities in the style of the exam. Answers to questions and audio files for the listening exercises are in the teacher's

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