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Standard Level Mathematics

Textbooks for Math HL and Math SL. Two textbooks written by Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir that are fully revised 2nd editions providing comprehensive coverage for the new 2014 syllabuses. Each textbook comes with an e-book (accessed through a website) containing a complete digital copy of the text along with numerous additional material.



I really like the continuously expanding InThinking Maths HL & SL resources. I always find something useful among the plentiful, practical, well-formatted resources - including notes, assignments, assessments, and interesting student pages. Absolutely...

Holly Garner, Lincoln Community School, Ghana

Tim's InThinking site has been invaluable to me as a new IB teacher. Before starting any new syllabus item, I use the site to gain a better understanding of the types of problems that my students need to be able to solve. It has helped me to format...

Katherine Young, Cologne International School, Germany

I love the "accessible" to "discriminating" levelled questions. They are great for differentiation in the classroom - especially as time in the IB classroom is so precious. Students start work at their own comfort level, discuss in...

Catherine Cooke, St John's International School, Belgium


Challenge Problems (#10)

10 April 2016

To me - and to most people who enjoy mathematics - solving a problem that requires insight, perseverance and creative use of mathematical knowledge... more

Measuring the earth's radius 1000 years ago

10 November 2015

This past weekend I was reading a review of a new history book, The Silk Roads by Oxford historian Peter Frankopan, in which the reviewer states... more

Perplexing Pentagons (Exploration Idea #499)

13 September 2015

Recently, a Maths SL student asked for my thoughts about her writing an Exploration (IA) on tilings of the plane (Euclidean tessellations).... more

Subscriber comments

  • 2 Jul Tim Garry
    HL Core Syllabus Content
    Solomon, Thanks very much for catching the error. I've removed the extra expressions of y=f(IxI). Again, thanks for the feedback.
  • 1 Jul Solomon Saduma
    HL Core Syllabus Content
    y=|f(x)| and y=f(|x|)
  • 1 Jul Solomon Saduma
    HL Core Syllabus Content
    Typological error in topic 2.2 Modulus functions (HL in red). Please fix I love this site!
  • 29 May Tim Garry
    SL Problem of the Day
    Marie, Thanks very much for pointing out the error in the solution for SL Problem #42 part (c) - very helpful feedback. I've corrected the solution and have posted a corrected version 2 for #42 above.
  • 29 May John Kennedy
    Sample Mock Exams
    Thanks Tim.
  • 29 May Marie de Maleissye
    SL Problem of the Day
    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that there is an error in question # 22 c) the solution interval is between the 2 roots. Thank you for all these great problems. Marie
  • 27 May Tim Garry
    Sample Mock Exams
    John, Thanks for pointing this out. Not sure what happened to the link for the MockA HL Paper 1 markscheme 2014, but I've fixed it - so should work for you now. Thanks.
  • 27 May John Kennedy
    Sample Mock Exams
    Hi Tim. Thanks for these - very helpful. Trying to use the 2014 mock resources...not sure why, but the link to HL 2014 Paper 1 MS isn't working?
  • Daniel, Thanks for the very useful feedback. I seem to have mixed up two different questions. I've made corrections to Q.1 both on this page and the downloadable PDF. Thanks.
  • The graph shown on #1 from the download doesn't correspond to the function.
  • Thanks for posting some about the Stat option. Actually one of the reasons for subscribing to this website was for the HL Stat option as I am teaching it for the first time. Any recommendations on resources out there? I was hoping to get some...
  • 12 May Ahmad Sawtari
    Calculus HL option
    Great Job Gary! I love the updated "problem of the day"