Textbooks for Mathematics HL and Mathematics SL

Textbooks for Math HL and Math SL. Two textbooks written by Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir that are fully revised 2nd editions providing comprehensive coverage for the new 2014 syllabuses. Each textbook comes with an e-book (accessed through a website) containing a complete digital copy of the text along with numerous additional material.



I highly recommend any IB Mathematics teacher who is seeking expert guidance on how best to teach either Standard Level or Higher Level Mathematics in today's classroom to subscribe to the InThinking website. It is an invaluable resource for both...

Mike Murray, Dubai American Academy, United Arab Emirates

The InThinking Maths website is a very beneficial and user-friendly online guide for IB teachers. You can get an answer to all of your questions. There are all sort of materials and support, many samples of course designs, explorations, exams, teaching...

Şhenaz Tekin, FMV Erenköy Işik High School, Turkey

I highly recommend that HL teachers use your site. I am still amazed at all it has to offer. The wealth of material has made it so much easier for me to provide my students with problems that will help them learn any thing from the basics to accepting...

Wallis Green, Khartoum International Community School, Sudan

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what is path of midpoint of a falling ladder?

24 November 2018

Something which I think that is often not emphasized or valued enough when teaching mathematics is encouraging students to visualize a graph,... more

Effective GDC Use #3

17 November 2018

Concerning effective GDC use, I try to avoid giving my students the impression that mindlessly pushing buttons on a GDC will allow them to successfully... more

Subscriber comments

  • 10 Dec Tim Garry
    exponents & logarithms
    Omolade, Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Both of the syllabus links are now fixed.
  • 10 Dec Omolade Kadiri
    exponents & logarithms
    The HL syllabus link is broken.
  • Michael, No, not a requirement; but advisable in my opinion. I think it's good practice to have at least 1.5 spacing, and mathematics generally looks better in a non-sans font like Times New Roman. Also, there has been many comments in recent...
  • 3 Dec Michael Koivusalo
    Exploration HL - Student Guide
    Hi Tim, Is the font size 12, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing a requirement? I've seen no mention in any guides from the IB. Thanks.
  • 30 Nov Tim Garry
    HL Problem of the Day
    William, Thanks for feedback. Yes, you're right if you subtract the two pairs of terms in different order - i.e. u1-u3 and u4-u2 (or u1-u3 and u2-u4). In my solution I thought it was necessary to subtact in same order - i.e. u3-u1 and u4-u2...
  • 30 Nov William Wong
    HL Problem of the Day
    Hi Tim, For HL problem #102, the sequence can be oscillating with r < 0. In this case, a = 27/4 and r = -1/3 also satisfy the conditions of the question, and give the sum = 81/16.
  • 28 Nov Omolade Kadiri
    exponents & logarithms
    Got it! Brilliant! Thank you.
  • 28 Nov Tim Garry
    exponents & logarithms
    Omolade, No - this question was Q.5 on May 2018 TZ1 HL Paper 1 (No calculator). The key to solving had more to do with recognizing that it's quadratic in terms of lnx than with logarithms. Bit tricky
  • 27 Nov Omolade Kadiri
    exponents & logarithms
    Thank you for replying Tim. :) I am new to teaching IB Maths HL. I guess that question (lnx)^2-(ln2)(lnx)
  • 25 Nov Tim Garry
    exponents & logarithms
    Omolade, Thanks for your question. Not sure if you were asking about HL or SL. For HL the answer is "yes", for SL "maybe". HL syllabus item 2.7 indicates that students must be able to solve an inequality that could involve a range of different...
  • 25 Nov Omolade Kadiri
    exponents & logarithms
    Are students required to know how to solve inequalities involving logarithmic functions?
  • 21 Nov Tim Garry
    exp & log functions & eqns
    Garrett, Certainly getting answers for parts c & d to Q.6 on EXS_exponential_modelling worksheet above is trickier. I've displayed above (below teaching materials) a scrollable pdf showing my solution for Q.6 part (c). Same approach can be...