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Standard Level Mathematics

Textbooks for Math HL and Math SL. Two textbooks written by Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir that are fully revised 2nd editions providing comprehensive coverage for the new 2014 syllabuses. Each textbook comes with an e-book (accessed through a website) containing a complete digital copy of the text along with numerous additional material.


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I highly recommend any IB Mathematics teacher who is seeking expert guidance on how best to teach either Standard Level or Higher Level Mathematics in today's classroom to subscribe to the InThinking website. It is an invaluable resource for both...

Mike Murray, Dubai American Academy, United Arab Emirates

Tim's InThinking site has been invaluable to me as a new IB teacher. Before starting any new syllabus item, I use the site to gain a better understanding of the types of problems that my students need to be able to solve. It has helped me to format...

Katherine Young, Cologne International School, Germany

I love the "accessible" to "discriminating" levelled questions. They are great for differentiation in the classroom - especially as time in the IB classroom is so precious. Students start work at their own comfort level, discuss in...

Catherine Cooke, St John's International School, Belgium


Challenge Problems (#10)

Sunday 10 April 2016

To me - and to most people who enjoy mathematics - solving a problem that requires insight, perseverance and creative use of mathematical knowledge... more

Measuring the earth's radius 1000 years ago

Tuesday 10 November 2015

This past weekend I was reading a review of a new history book, The Silk Roads by Oxford historian Peter Frankopan, in which the reviewer states... more

Perplexing Pentagons (Exploration Idea #499)

Sunday 13 September 2015

Recently, a Maths SL student asked for my thoughts about her writing an Exploration (IA) on tilings of the plane (Euclidean tessellations).... more

Subscriber comments

  • 28 Apr Tim Garry
    recurrence relations
    I've managed to fix all the math expressions/equations on this page. It's quite a long page, so I'm thinking of splitting it into three different pages.
  • 20 Apr Lilian Vieira
    recurrence relations
    I endorse K.Young´s comments...
  • 15 Apr Jonathan Ma
    descriptive statistics
    In problem #3 of the practice set 5-1, the calculation of median should be (2+3)/2.
  • 1 Apr Wallis Green
    Sample Mock Exams
    Hi Tim Thanks for putting some extra time in my life! It was so helpful to have two good mock exams for HL that the students did not have access too. We have enjoyed all of your work and my HL classes have benefitted from your efforts. Thanks...
  • 1 Apr math sec
    Sample Mock Exams
    Hi Tim! Also think there might be a small mistake in the number of marks on the mark scheme for SL Paper 1, 2017, Question 6: it should be worth 6 marks but there are only 5 marks on the mark scheme. Thanks so much for these! I am marking...
  • 29 Mar Sandy Baker
    Do you have a worked solution for the Airship problem (#6 on EXS_4-1-40v1_SLHL_vectors_review)?
  • Expectation Wkst Error? .... Var(J) = 2, Var(K) = 1 ... solution 9x2 +16x1 = 34
  • 28 Mar math sec
    Sample Mock Exams
    Sorry - hit "submit" before it was finished. This affects the probability that X is between 160 and 180 -- that should be 0.80. But then how can Prob (160 X 185) be 0.75?
  • 28 Mar math sec
    Sample Mock Exams
    Hi Tim - I think there might be an error in question 9, 2017, SL paper 2. If P(X
  • 26 Mar Tim Garry
    Calculus HL option
    Cara, Oops - sorry about that. I've now uploade a new 'version 3' of the Solution Key for the P3 mock exam with answer (not really a worked solution) for Q.2(b).
  • 25 Mar Cara Glintermeyer
    Calculus HL option
    Thank you for the Mock Exam, I see the solution to 2b is missing.
  • 25 Mar math sec
    Problem of the Day
    My grade 11 students also have "enjoyed" them -- I choose the questions that address topics we've already covered -- never too early to revise! Thanks, Tim!