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Textbooks for Mathematics HL and Mathematics SL

Textbooks for Math HL and Math SL. Two textbooks written by Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir that are fully revised 2nd editions providing comprehensive coverage for the new 2014 syllabuses. Each textbook comes with an e-book (accessed through a website) containing a complete digital copy of the text along with numerous additional material.



I really like the continuously expanding InThinking Maths HL & SL resources. I always find something useful among the plentiful, practical, well-formatted resources - including notes, assignments, assessments, and interesting student pages. Absolutely...

Holly Garner, Lincoln Community School, Ghana

Tim's InThinking site has been invaluable to me as a new IB teacher. Before starting any new syllabus item, I use the site to gain a better understanding of the types of problems that my students need to be able to solve. It has helped me to format...

Katherine Young, Cologne International School, Germany

Great site. Dense with great ideas and useful printable student material. It has added an extra dimension to my teaching and given me several successful plan B options. Well done Tim.

Peter Morris, Young Business Creatives, Sweden


Problem: 12 circles circling a circle

28 August 2017

Early in the school year, I like to offer my first-year IB maths students - especially HL students - some challenging problems. I like creating... more

P.o.t.D. - 150 Problems !

30 July 2017

Over the past six months, I’ve toiled away at composing problems to add to my two Problem of the Day lists – one list of problems for Maths... more

Challenge Problems (#10)

10 April 2016

To me - and to most people who enjoy mathematics - solving a problem that requires insight, perseverance and creative use of mathematical knowledge... more

Subscriber comments

  • 18 Oct Robyn Gregory
    Geometry problem in work of art
    It is so wonderful to see examples such as this that connect other subjects with Maths. My students enjoyed looking at your challenging puzzles after they had finished the course. In future I will incorporate some of them in my normal teaching....
  • 18 Oct Tim Garry
    lines & planes in space (HL)
    Jim, Thanks for feedback. The answers given on the Vectors 3D ex set for 8 (b) were incorret. Thanks for spotting that. I've corrected them (version 2 uploaded) - and I have also uploaded a full set of worked solutions for all 10 exercises...
  • Hi, Wondering if you have got full solution to the first exercise: EXS_4-3-20v1_HL_vectors_3D Not sure about Question 8b. Thanks!
  • 11 Oct Chris Holland
    Calculus Tests
    Awesome! Thanks Tim!
  • 4 Oct Joylene Vette-Guillaume
    rational functions
    The HL syllabus just mentions asymptotes and does not specify horizontal, vertical or oblique. I assume, because the functions given are both linear, oblique asymptotes will not be included in exam questions. Can anyone confirm?
  • 3 Oct Amit Raj
    IB Curriculum Review
    Is it blank?
  • 2 Oct Masese Wilfred
    Calculus Tests
    Hi Tim, This is very impressive! I like the differentiation you have done in this test. Thanks. Wilfred.
  • 2 Oct Tim Garry
    Calculus Tests
    SL Differentiation Test 1 - and worked solutions for it - have now been uploaded
  • 29 Sep Tim Garry
    Calculus Tests
    Chris, Thanks for the query. I'll do my best to have it uploaded by start of next week.
  • 29 Sep Chris Holland
    Calculus Tests
    Hi Tim, Can you tell me when the SL Differentiation Test 1 will be uploaded? Thanks, Chris
  • 26 Sep Shalini Mehan
    transformations of graphs
    Thanks! Got it!
  • 21 Sep Tim Garry
    transformations of graphs
    Shalini, Sorry for slow reply. Below the 'curve sketching' question I've provided a link to a document with a solution.