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Textbooks for Mathematics HL and Mathematics SL

Textbooks for Math HL and Math SL. Two textbooks written by Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir that are fully revised 2nd editions providing comprehensive coverage for the new 2014 syllabuses. Each textbook comes with an e-book (accessed through a website) containing a complete digital copy of the text along with numerous additional material.



Tim's InThinking site has been invaluable to me as a new IB teacher. Before starting any new syllabus item, I use the site to gain a better understanding of the types of problems that my students need to be able to solve. It has helped me to format...

Katherine Young, Cologne International School, Germany

I love the "accessible" to "discriminating" levelled questions. They are great for differentiation in the classroom - especially as time in the IB classroom is so precious. Students start work at their own comfort level, discuss in...

Catherine Cooke, St John's International School, Belgium

Great site. Dense with great ideas and useful printable student material. It has added an extra dimension to my teaching and given me several successful plan B options. Well done Tim.

Peter Morris, Young Business Creatives, Sweden


Some fun with primes ... and Geogebra

18 January 2018

Prime numbers are fascinating, mysterious and useful. The topic of prime numbers can pop up in a maths lesson at many different ages and ability... more

primitive Pythagorean triples

30 December 2017

Over the years, I’ve got the impression that students are as fascinated with Pythagorean triples as they are with prime numbers. Many mathematical... more

Problem: 12 circles circling a circle

28 August 2017

Early in the school year, I like to offer my first-year IB maths students - especially HL students - some challenging problems. I like creating... more

Subscriber comments

  • Rosa, Thanks for your query. I had been working on revising the information and advice for the extended essay on my site given the new guide and assessment criteria. See that I have revised this 'advice' page; I've also revised my main EE page;...
  • 20 Apr Rosa Carbajal
    Advice - Maths Extended Essays
    Hi, I am also doing supervising for the first time and I could use all the help I can get. Please let us know when this will be updated or if the information is still valid. Thank you in advance!
  • 16 Apr Medhat Merabi
    Mock Exams
    Thank you and much appreciated
  • 16 Apr Tim Garry
    Mock Exams
    Medhat, Good question. I started working on one - but have not managed to finish it yet. I hope to get one up early next week. Hope that's OK for you.
  • 15 Apr Medhat Merabi
    Mock Exams
    Dear Tim, Are there any plans for an HL papers 2?
  • 10 Apr Tim Garry
    probability distributions
    Rhiannon, Yes, you're right. Thanks for finding that. I've corrected it above. Thanks for your feedback.
  • 10 Apr Rhiannon Schwehm
    probability distributions
    In question 3 from accessible to discriminating, should 3a specify that the group has 10 people?
  • 7 Apr Tim Garry
    complex numbers (HL)
    Elizabeth, I somehow messed up entering that question. It had a very messy answer. The right side of the equation should have been 1+8i and answers should be x=2, y=1. I've changed it and have uploaded a corrected version 2 of the exercise...
  • 7 Apr Elizabeth Heudebourg
    complex numbers (HL)
    Hi Tim: I might be missing something, but I can't get 2a of EXS_1-5-35v1_HL_complex numbers to work. Can you shed some light on the problem? Many thanks, Elizabeth
  • 2 Apr Tim Garry
    integration basics
    Joanne, Your answer is correct - and my answer is wrong. Thank you very much for spotting this error. Don't know how I messed up a fairly easy question. Thanks for your feedback.
  • 2 Apr Joanne Rancourt
    integration basics
    Hi Tim, for question #1 (integration basics) I am getting t^2/4-cost+5. Regards.
  • 28 Mar Tim Garry
    Mock Exams
    Holly, Thanks for pointing out missing negative for answer to MockC SL P2 Q5(b). I've corrected that. Appreciate the feedback.