Textbooks for Mathematics HL and Mathematics SL

Textbooks for Math HL and Math SL. Two textbooks written by Tim Garry and Ibrahim Wazir that are fully revised 2nd editions providing comprehensive coverage for the new 2014 syllabuses. Each textbook comes with an e-book (accessed through a website) containing a complete digital copy of the text along with numerous additional material.



I really like the continuously expanding InThinking Maths HL & SL resources. I always find something useful among the plentiful, practical, well-formatted resources - including notes, assignments, assessments, and interesting student pages. Absolutely...

Holly Garner, Lincoln Community School, Ghana

The InThinking Maths website is a very beneficial and user-friendly online guide for IB teachers. You can get an answer to all of your questions. There are all sort of materials and support, many samples of course designs, explorations, exams, teaching...

Şhenaz Tekin, FMV Erenköy Işik High School, Turkey

I highly recommend that HL teachers use your site. I am still amazed at all it has to offer. The wealth of material has made it so much easier for me to provide my students with problems that will help them learn any thing from the basics to accepting...

Wallis Green, Khartoum International Community School, Sudan

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P.o.t.D.- 301 problems

1 October 2018

This is just a short entry to highlight the fact that I have now managed to compose more than 300 problems in my Problem of the Day (P.o.t.D.)... more

Effective GDC Use #2

20 September 2018

Continuing my discussion on promoting effective and wise use of a calculator (GDC) by our students, I wish to highlight what I consider maybe... more

Subscriber comments

  • 17 Oct Tim Garry
    probability distributions
    Scott, Thanks for your feedback. I re-did my solution to Q.5 part (b) on the 5-5-30v2_HL_probability_distributions exercise set, and I came up with 0.583 (the answer given on the ex set). I have displayed the work I did on my GDC (TI-Nspire)...
  • 16 Oct Scott Cairney
    probability distributions
    Is question 5 from HL_Probability_distribution the answer for part (b) is .583 but when I di it I got .683, is this a typo?
  • 14 Oct Alaa William
    Mock Exams
    Hi Tim Thank for sharing the Mocks, very beneficial. I have a question, does the IB provide graph papers for the external Math SL & HL exams? Thanks in advance
  • 12 Oct Anna Lee
    Mock Exams
    Hi Tim, do you have answers to the sample examination papers at the back of the math SL Pearson 2012 textbook. I have looked at the website, but I can't seem to find the answers there. Please let me know where I could...
  • 9 Oct Tim Garry
    quadratic functions & eqns
    Yes Jill - you're absolutely correct. Well-spotted. The full answer to #3 is: k15. I've corrected the answers and the downloadable document above. Thanks for your feedback.
  • 9 Oct Jill Posta
    quadratic functions & eqns
    Hello! I think the answer for #3 should read k
  • 9 Oct Tim Garry
    Extended Essay
    Raj, Most schools use Always good to talk to colleagues in your English dept, school librarian(s) and IB coordinator.
  • 9 Oct Raj Phull
    Extended Essay
    wondering if there are any reliable software program that could help to pre-check plagiarism of EE/IA papers.
  • 7 Oct Khaled Abd Elgawad
    I want to add another teacher to this account his email is Please add him
  • 4 Oct Tim Garry
    HL Problem of the Day
    Craig (and others), Just to let you know that the missing HL problems 1 to 23 are back up on the HL Problem of the Day page.
  • Can I edit Test HL functions basics ?
  • 28 Sep Tim Garry
    HL Problem of the Day
    Craig, Thanks for asking. Bit of an IT glitch has caused this. The missing problems should be back up soon.