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Mama's Milk! 11 June 2011

This week it has been announced in Argentina that a group of scientists have made a transgenic calf which carries two genes for human milk proteins. The GM calf was born on 6 April 2011 after being cloned... more

Stomata count lab 6 June 2011

I had the students do the stomata count lab a week or so ago. The data collection really needs only about one hour. The tulips had finished blooming so I could take a few leaves. Tulip leaves sheer... more

May 2011 examinations 4 June 2011

This session was the first time for emarking of Biology exams in the May session. Emarking was piloted in the Nov 2010 session but there are much fewer candidates then than in the May sessions. The... more

Seedlings 12 May 2011

Spring has to be the prettiest season in Bavaria! Flowers are blooming everywhere. This past week I have launched the topic 9 Plant Science unit in time with the botanical events around us. I started... more

Overfishing 4 May 2011

It is well known that large fish predators such as many sharks, tuna, swordfish along with cod are fish stocks that are in danger of extinction due to the overfishing pressures. Many fishery policies... more

New domain in biology? 19 March 2011

This article "Biology's 'dark matter' hints at fourth domain of life"Barras, Colin. "Biology's 'dark matter' hints at fourth domain of life - life - 18 March 2011 - New Scientist." Science news and science... more

Internationalism & GMO 8 March 2011

Golden rice, salt tolerant crops, insect resistant crops may seem to be the best way for the world population to be fed in the future. Andrea Messer of Penn State University writes about how global... more

How to tell the time? 3 March 2011

Organisms need to be able to synchronize with each other and the world around them. Evolution has selected several rhythmic behaviours in organisms that correspond to solar cycles, lunar cycles, tidal... more

Evolution & ID 28 February 2011

There is a good interview in the Scientific American about the ruling in the USA, given by a Pennsylvanian federal court justice in favour of the parents who complained about a school board requiring... more

Genetics of addiction 13 February 2011

In Melinda Beck's article in The Wall Street Journal from Wednesday 9 February 2011, the genetic predisposition to alcoholism is discussed.Beck, Melinda. "In search of genes linked to alcoholism." The... more