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If you are looking for a reliable source to help you plan and teach the new IBDP Biology course, this website is a must.

Mandy Watson, Berlin International School, Germany

This is an excellent resource for any IB Biology teacher. David Faure has many years of IB teaching experience and some great ideas and suggestions particularly on the integration of technology in the classroom. We use this as an additional source of...

Maria Schram, British School of Brussels, Belgium

This year is my first year teaching IB Biology. The InThinking Biology site has proven to be immensely valuable to the quality and delivery of my lessons.

Karin Hartog, D Y Patil International School, Belgium


Online tools #2 - Quizlet live

4 February 2017

It's the time of the year when students need guidance about exam tecnhique. In particular reminders about the exact meaning of the command terms.... more

Online tools #1- Kahoot

7 January 2017

Kahoot is a great free online tool for formative assessment or just for a bit of fun at the end of a lesson.Students could make their own quizes... more

It's easier to talk while holding a model

18 December 2016

Students often have trouble explaining biological process, especially when the parts are invisibly small. Why do students get stuck with Osmosis,... more

Subscriber comments

  • 15 Jun Pegeen Crockett
    Proteins SL Quiz
    Looks like #5 has the wrong answer!
  • 15 Jun Samanta Caviezel
    Gene Linkage 1
    Hello Everyone, Thanks for all the resources and ideas. I can never access into the links with simulations and activities. Is it possible that they no longer work? I´m checking since just in case it might be a problem with my computer or area
  • 13 Jun Marina Peltekian
    Practical Scheme of Work
    Thanks David and sorry cause I'm new to inthinking didn't recognize it.
  • Never mind! Found them! Sorry! :)
  • Hi David - Have you by any chance had a chance to do the model answers for the revision sheet for this topic yet? Thanks for your help.
  • 6 Jun Peter Woodward
    Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
    David, this link does not work:
  • 6 Jun Peter Woodward
    Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
    It came as a surprise to learn that Cells Alive PPT on Mitosis requires payment.
  • 5 Jun Margaret Agraviador
    Cell Respiration - Planning sheet 8.2
    Hi David! Sorry to bother you but it looks like the links provided are directing me to the IST website. Would you be able to upload a soft copy by any chance? Thanks so much for your help. Kindest Regards, Margaret
  • Dear Sarah, thanks for the link, I have incorporated it into the page. Best wishes, David
  • Hi, I found the link to the first lot of online labs didn't work from the provided links, they are now accessed via: /
  • 1 Jun David Faure
    DNA Replication
    Dear Linet, Thanks for your comment, I've repaired the link to the extra resource. Best wishes, David
  • Hi Linet, I have repaired a couple of links at the bottom of the page. I have also been having trouble with some links since a recent Firefox update. I have found that Firefox is by default using "https://" even in links which are "http://"....