This year is my first year teaching IB Biology. The InThinking Biology site has proven to be immensely valuable to the quality and delivery of my lessons.

Karin Hartog, D Y Patil International School, Belgium

These InThinking Biology activities are excellent! I was looking for something to break the monotony of a cells lesson so I tried the Cell types detective activity. Students loved it. Both the situation and the examples were brilliant

Amit Khanna, Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia

I love the topic quizzes... so very helpful!!

Emma Nason, KAUST schools, Saudi Arabia

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IA data processing and p-hacking

1 May 2021

I have recently learned about the term p-hacking, the iIncorrect use of significance testing, and it leads to studies making striking claims... more

Distance learning - timeline activities

19 February 2021

How can we be sure that students have understood the main learning objectives of a lesson during distance learning? Setting some work to do,... more

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  • 7 Jun Kia Hanratty
    Pregnancy and birth
    Hi, Can you please explain the answer to question 2 on the Pregnancy IB style questions. 1000IU fits into many of the ranges- why is ii the most correct? Thanks
  • 5 Jun Shivani Fotedar
    The Investigation
    Dear David, Hope this finds you well A student of mine is very interested in studying the landscape of fear - impact of predators on ecosystems She wants to set up fish tanks at home and conduct the experiment for the BIO IA - Please let...
  • 4 Jun Yara Abu Ghazaleh
    Genetic modification 3.5
    I'm guessing the term pest is used more generally to include any unwanted organism, including other plants
  • Dear David, A student is studying how excess fertilizer can affect the oxygen levels in an aquatic ecosystem, where the student has placed aquatic plants and cyanobacteria. The student has been monitoring oxygen levels with a digital oxygen...
  • 31 May Rula Sakr
    Quizzes tests & revision
    I would like to see some questions from the May 2021 exam as my school did not opt for the examination route so I don't have a copy yet. Topics of concern are topics 7, 8, 3 and 10.
  • 29 May Aileen Hickey
    Theoretical Genetics 2.
    Hi, could you provide an answer sheet for Activity 2 Further questions on multiple alleles and codominance. thanks
  • 29 May Aileen Hickey
    Theoretical Genetics 1
    Hi, could you please put up or send me a PPT copy of the Genetics Introduction - an example of Mendel or another presentation. Thank you
  • 28 May Sreelaxmi Madhusudan
    Energy Flow.
    Need Help! Adobe Flash player is not supported, hence animations are not working, Any alternative to this?
  • is it unwise to conduct a purely lit-review EE? lots of forums heavily advise against it. I have a student who is keen to look at the effect of land based fishing techniques for salmon on the environment. This is early stage and will be...
  • 25 May Kathryn Russell
    Light Independent Reactions
    Thanks for the slides David. One more fix: The image you have for triose phosphate is showing 3-Phosphoglyceric acid, rather than glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate.
  • I cant find the model answers to the revision A3 sheet
  • 19 May Dana Porter
    HL Respiration introduction
    Are there any answers to these questions?