Incredibly useful resource site - has probably saved me hundreds of hours planning. Plenty of links, worksheets and interactive resources that support the new IB course.

Sarah Jackson, Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

If you are looking for a reliable source to help you plan and teach the new IBDP Biology course, this website is a must.

Mandy Watson, Berlin International School, Germany

This is an excellent resource for any IB Biology teacher. David Faure has many years of IB teaching experience and some great ideas and suggestions particularly on the integration of technology in the classroom. We use this as an additional source of...

Maria Schram, British School of Brussels, Belgium

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Guiding students from plagiarism to research

3 May 2019

Sometimes a student will find an experiment online which is very similar to their own IA. They think this is a disaster, they are trying to... more

A fire breathing monster in the immune system?

3 March 2019

A new therapy which strengthens the power of a patient’s immune system to attack tumours is curing people of cancer. It is an exciting and... more

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  • 17 Jul Sangeeta Praveen
    Ethology HL - planning sheet A.6
    Hi david any resource for AHL Neuro would be highly appreciated.
  • Hi David, when you try and open the document the answers are all in squares, there are no words. Can you please fix this. Best, Kirsten
  • 26 Jun Kirsten Chapman
    Enhanced Greenhouse Effect.
    I just checked the site today and there is still no link for greenhouse effect.
  • Dear Keenu, This is the difficult part of IAs for the teacher. Students are really interested in a topic but they don't know how to test it. We have to guide them to measure something which is possible to achieve in two or three hours in...
  • Dear Alice, Thanks for your comment. Yes the guidance is in the Examiner's reports. It's very clear about testing antibiotic resistance as you describe. Hope that helps, David
  • Dear Lynley, Thanks for letting me know about these broken links to online labs. I'll see if I can repair them tomorrow. Best regards, David
  • Hi David None of the links above seem to be working. I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. Regards, Lynley
  • 16 Jun Stephanie Lone
    Cell Theory Investigation
    The link to is broken.
  • 15 Jun David Faure
    Di-Hybrid Crosses.
    Dear Christoffer, Thanks for your comment, I have noted the type and will correct it asap. Best regards, David
  • 11 Jun Elena Rubio
    Extended Essays - overview
    Hello David, thank you so much for this answer. It's very useful for me!! Best regards! Elena
  • 11 Jun Deepthi Uthaman
    Transport in xylem
    Could you please share a sample pic of SOLO hexagons activity(transpiration) done by your students...?
  • Dear Deborah and Sarah, Thanks for your comments. I have produced a clear, typed version of the model answers and uploaded it today. Best wishes, David