Incredibly useful resource site - has probably saved me hundreds of hours planning. Plenty of links, worksheets and interactive resources that support the new IB course.

Sarah Jackson, Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

This year is my first year teaching IB Biology. The InThinking Biology site has proven to be immensely valuable to the quality and delivery of my lessons.

Karin Hartog, D Y Patil International School, Belgium

These InThinking Biology activities are excellent! I was looking for something to break the monotony of a cells lesson so I tried the Cell types detective activity. Students loved it. Both the situation and the examples were brilliant

Amit Khanna, Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia

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Approaches to teaching Biology - ATL

2 December 2018

I've thought for a while that one of the transferable benefits of students learning a musical instrument is the coaching they get in how to... more

Put down your highlighter!

31 July 2018

Put down your highlighter. Make marginal notes or comments instead. How many of us see students highlighting key points but actually covering... more

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  • Dear Jessica, Oh dear how unlucky your student has been. I think the accidental death of Daphnia like this would be penalised as such in the marking, so long as the plan had written reference to the guidelines and to safe treatment. (I suppose...
  • Hi Please see the answer I sent you by email. Thanks.
  • 6 Dec Magdalena Tsavkova
    Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
    Any answers for the Histology of cancer in the digestive system?
  • Hi David, my student wants to do an experiment on "transforming styrofoam into biodegredable waste by using plastic eating larva Tenebrio molitor?He made an research on this topic and found that in Stanford university there is an investigation...
  • 3 Dec Rajaa Kassem
    Alveoli & gas exchange
    The same statement appears in the flash cards.
  • 3 Dec Rajaa Kassem
    Alveoli & gas exchange
    In the multiple choice section, Q.4 says:A chemical made by type" I pneumocytes" from phospholipid which reduce surface tension and so prevent the collapse of alveoli. The answer is surfactant but It should be type II.
  • Hi David, Just furthermore on this investigation. My student has bought Daphnia from a local fish shop and has put them in the different conditions (but all of which are within their tolerance), she provided plants for oxygen and fed them with...
  • Thank you David, thats very helpful. I will discuss this with my student. Many thanks Jess
  • These links are not working.
  • 28 Nov Heather Sherman
    Gamete formation.
    Is there an answer sheet for Activity 4?
  • Good insight into marking of IA s
  • 28 Nov David Faure
    Metabolism - Planning sheet 8.1
    Dear Charlene, Thanks for telling my about that. I have replaced the link, but I must finish the activity. I can't find an animation so I'm working on making something to use for this activity. Watch this space. All the best. David