Incredibly useful resource site - has probably saved me hundreds of hours planning. Plenty of links, worksheets and interactive resources that support the new IB course.

Sarah Jackson, Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

This is an excellent resource for any IB Biology teacher. David Faure has many years of IB teaching experience and some great ideas and suggestions particularly on the integration of technology in the classroom. We use this as an additional source of...

Maria Schram, British School of Brussels, Belgium

This year is my first year teaching IB Biology. The InThinking Biology site has proven to be immensely valuable to the quality and delivery of my lessons.

Karin Hartog, D Y Patil International School, Belgium

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  • 15 Nov Jack Eid
    Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
    Can you please answer questions number 3 and 4 in activity 3 (Extension) Cancer and the digestive tract?
  • 13 Nov David Faure
    Experiments on Transpiration.
    Dear Lourdes, This is a good question. I think it depends on your experiment set up. If the leaf area is the same in each experiment, then I wouldn't as it doesn't improve the comparison between experiments. If there is a different leaf area...
  • 13 Nov David Faure
    Experiments on Transpiration.
    Dear Jessica, I have done this experiment with branches off a laurel hedge, and also with small sticks of celery, the small ones which are round not curved. It's important to cut the stem under water so that air bubbles don't get in and try...
  • 13 Nov Kamran Malik
    Food Webs
    The intro online activity is no longer available
  • 12 Nov Lourdes Sotomayor
    Experiments on Transpiration.
    Hi, In the experiment above, since the leaf total surface area was 5.4 cm2 - would there be a need to divide the rate of transpiration by the surface area or not?
  • 10 Nov Sabrina Earsman
    30 investigation ideas for Biology IA
    Hi David Thank you for this very useful list. The links still don't work, could you please fix them? Thanks, Sabrina.
  • 8 Nov Jessica Wurzbacher
    Experiments on Transpiration.
    Hi, Which type of plants work well for this lab?
  • 8 Nov Michael McKenzie
    30 investigation ideas for Biology IA
    Hi David, Could you please let me know whether the Bibliography for the IA is part of the 12 pages for the IA? A number of students and staff have the same question. Much appreciated.
  • 7 Nov laura Dos Santos
    Plant science test -HL mark scheme
    how are cell walls not involved in the transport of materials to the phloem?
  • Hi You're missing the answers to the long answer questions
  • 3 Nov David Faure
    Experiments on Transpiration.
    Dear Ivonne, Thanks for letting me know. I have now updated the link to the porous pot potometer. Best wishes, David
  • Hi David, Please provide us with the answers to the Option D revision sheet. Love this resource, thanks