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Results Day - 6th July in the Northern Hemisphere

5 July 2021

Results Day is around the corner on 6th July for schools in the Northern Hemisphere. The IB has published a series of information pages about... more

IA data processing and p-hacking

1 May 2021

I have recently learned about the term p-hacking, the incorrect use of significance testing, and it leads to studies making striking claims... more

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  • Ah, I see you of course already knew about it and linked it already, sorry!
  • Hey David, You might like to add this link, it is very awesome and contains very useful information about Transcription and Translation /
  • 20 Sep Kirsten Masterton
    Membrane protein question answers
    i don't think the link on the previous page is working for the harvard animation?
  • 20 Sep David Faure
    Measuring size in Biology
    Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, David
  • 20 Sep David Faure
    Measuring size in Biology
    Dear Eric, thanks for your comment, I've repaired the embedded link by using a direct link. In fact as Lemon Wu says the first video is as good. Best regards, David
  • 16 Sep Lucia Masarova
    Polypeptide structure
    Hello David, I actually have the same question as Cynthia, could you please post the model answers for the IB-style questions? Thank you Lucia
  • Hi David, the screencast of the how to draw a prokaryote does not work due to flash player. Can you upload it as a different file format? Thanks!
  • 15 Sep Lucia Masarova
    Intro to cladistics
    hello, I don't know why, but I am afraid that the pictures of different cladograms are not available.
  • 14 Sep Max Warren
    Membrane transport models
    Hello, The " a nice animation of sodium potassium pump function - here" link is not working. Thanks for all the help!!
  • 14 Sep Linet Edison
    Energy Flow.
    Same here, any alternative available?
  • Thank you for trying David! I'll check back another time.
  • Very helpful once a topic is covered