Incredibly useful resource site - has probably saved me hundreds of hours planning. Plenty of links, worksheets and interactive resources that support the new IB course.

Sarah Jackson, Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

If you are looking for a reliable source to help you plan and teach the new IBDP Biology course, this website is a must.

Mandy Watson, Berlin International School, Germany

These InThinking Biology activities are excellent! I was looking for something to break the monotony of a cells lesson so I tried the Cell types detective activity. Students loved it. Both the situation and the examples were brilliant

Amit Khanna, Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia

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Evolution debate links IB Biology concepts

2 August 2019

In recent years a debate about standard evolutionary theory has taken place amongst Biologists. Any sign of disagreement among scientists can... more

Guiding students from plagiarism to research

2 May 2019

Sometimes a student will find an experiment online which is very similar to their own IA. They think this is a disaster, they are trying to... more

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  • How many trials each experiment needs and how they are obtained? are the data collect 5 time or experiment repeated 5 times?
  • 15 Sep Denny Chow
    Thinking about stem cells
    Hi David, this is also a good website for Stem cells /
  • There were 3 videos about calculating magnification I couldn't find. Please help.
  • 13 Sep Nicki Howell
    Polygenic Inheritance.
    presentation slide 8 - AaBb x AbBb ?
  • Hi I dont see any resources for this topic Neuropharmacology. Are you going to update this section?
  • 12 Sep David Krebs
    The Investigation
    I have a question: I have a student interested in gathering data from a peer reviewed source for her paper (instead of measuring students). is this allowed? And, how might she write her procedure?
  • 11 Sep Jessica Donnelly
    Transpiration and Xerophytes
    Need answers submitted for above IB style questions
  • Can someone explain collecting data in different trial means?
  • 11 Sep Deepthi Uthaman
    Ecological terms.
    Hi David, Unable to watch the BBC documentary 'The Magical Forest. Please do the needful. regards
  • 11 Sep Kristin Vestermark
    Genetically Modified Organisms.
    I am also finding that the link does not work. It redirects me to the homepage.
  • 10 Sep Cynthia Rodenbough
    Homeostasis of Glucose.
    Hi David, Can you post the IB answer to the IB Question on type I and type II Diabetes? Thank you!
  • 10 Sep David Faure
    Immune System
    Hi Nick, I've just tested the link and it is working this morning. Please try again. Best wishes, David