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Incredibly useful resource site - has probably saved me hundreds of hours planning. Plenty of links, worksheets and interactive resources that support the new IB course.

Sarah Jackson, Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

If you are looking for a reliable source to help you plan and teach the new IBDP Biology course, this website is a must.

Mandy Watson, Berlin International School, Germany

This is an excellent resource for any IB Biology teacher. David Faure has many years of IB teaching experience and some great ideas and suggestions particularly on the integration of technology in the classroom. We use this as an additional source of...

Maria Schram, British School of Brussels, Belgium


Using micro-organisms in IB Bio labs

31 May 2018

We cannot argue that micro-organisms are as important to our lives as photosynthesis. We shouldn't describe bacteria simply as harmful or beneficial,... more

Teacher planning pages - student access

4 May 2018

The student access for the teacher planning pages has just changed. Teachers can now turn on/off the student access to these page using the... more

Uploading IA samples to IBIS?

24 March 2018

In the northern hemisphere only a few weeks remain before the April deadline to upload samples for the Biology IA - the Individual investigation.... more

Subscriber comments

  • Dear Dave, Thanks for these suggestions. Best wishes, David
  • 7 Jun David Faure
    Condensation & Hydrolysis.
    Dear Brenda, Thank you very much. I always appreciate this sort of comment. Best regards, David
  • Hi Amrit, I like this, it's original and interesting. I think of Hydrangeas, which change colour in different types of soil, and I'm sure I remember my father putting nails in the soil near one plant to change the colour of its flowers. My...
  • Dear Linet, Yes is the short answer to this, but be careful what you do. The IB are a bit sniffy about testing for antibiotic resistance. If you'd like to read more, I wrote a new blog post about using microbes a couple of weeks ago, Best...
  • Dear Amrit, When I want my students to revise a topic I print the pages, 2 pages per sheet, using the print icon on the right hand side of the page. This works quite well. Best wishes, David
  • Dear Amrit, I always ask my students to give me a biological mechanism which can explain how you think the IV (tea, coffee etc.) will cause a change in the DV. There are a lot of marks for biological explanations in the background of the exploration...
  • 7 Jun David Faure
    Antibody production
    Dear Kealy, Thanks very much for your note. I have corrected the histamine typo. Many thanks, David
  • 7 Jun David Faure
    Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle
    Dear Sarah, Thanks for your questions, I'll try to address all of them in this reply. Firstly your questions about whether students need to know the intermediate chemicals. The answer is no, not in respiration. This is a dilemma, I find. The...
  • 30 May Sarah Bell
    Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle
    (Sorry Citric Acid cycle powerpoint) Too many things going on.
  • 30 May Sarah Bell
    Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle
    And do you have a powerpoint for Krebs (Calvin Cycle) and Oxidative Phosphorylation? I only see the presentation that goes as far as the link reaction?
  • 30 May Sarah Bell
    Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle
    Hi - Thank you for all your help. But I am confused about the level of detail we need to teach in regards to the intermediates of cellular respiration.... specifically glycolysis. For example, the IB guidelines say that students do NOT need...
  • 29 May Kealy McCleery
    Antibody production
    Dear David, Questions relating to dust mites. Shouldn't they have histamine instead of histone? Have a good day.