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Incredibly useful resource site - has probably saved me hundreds of hours planning. Plenty of links, worksheets and interactive resources that support the new IB course.

Sarah Jackson, Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

If you are looking for a reliable source to help you plan and teach the new IBDP Biology course, this website is a must.

Mandy Watson, Berlin International School, Germany

This is an excellent resource for any IB Biology teacher. David Faure has many years of IB teaching experience and some great ideas and suggestions particularly on the integration of technology in the classroom. We use this as an additional source of...

Maria Schram, British School of Brussels, Belgium


Reflex arc - playground model

15 September 2017

Walking along a neurone and passing chemicals (sweets) to the next neurone could be a great way to illustrate the reflex arc with IB students. more

Using a database in Individual Investigations

31 August 2017

It's hard to persuade students that it might be a good ideas to use a database for their investigation. Stuents have lots of experience of... more

Backchannel collaborations

8 August 2017

We all know it is a good idea for students to come to our lessons prepared to participate and share their ideas. The best learning occurs when... more

Subscriber comments

  • Hello David A student would like to study the lysozymes in her tears for her IA. The IB Experimentation Policy says...Investigations involving any body fluids must not be performed due to the risk of the transmission of blood-borne pathogens....
  • 24 Sep Maria Karaveli
    Leaf stomata & transpiration
    Hello David, I am also interested in the answers to this worksheet. Are they available?
  • 22 Sep Linet Edison
    Gene pools
    Hi David, I'm doing Evolution with SL and HL. At the end I would like to do 10.3 with HL. I'm wondering about the activity 3. Any idea about when it will be available; it would be a great help. Regards, Linet
  • 21 Sep David Faure
    Sugar Analysis Expt.
    Thanks Maudhulika and Margaret, I have repaired the link. Best wishes, David
  • 21 Sep David Faure
    Is it so bad to eat only pizza?
    Hi Madhuchhanda, I have replaced the 'Spin the plate' activity with an infographic for the moment. I will try to find something a little better over the next few days. Best wishes, David
  • 21 Sep David Faure
    Stargardt disease
    Dear Nicholas, Thanks for your comment. I don't think anyone would expect students, or even geneticists to memorize gene lengths. I intended students to suggest that there would be more than 3 times the number of bases in the gene than there...
  • 21 Sep Maudhulika Jain
    Sugar Analysis Expt.
    The activity -1 sheet is wrongly the magnification one rather than sugar analysis .
  • 21 Sep Nadica Kucko
    Plant biology test HL
    The same for question 7.
  • 20 Sep Nicholas Davenport
    Stargardt disease
    Hi David, For the question on page 3 #3, Suggest how many base pairs would be found in the ABCA4 Gene. I did the research and there are 128,315 base pairs. What answer are the looking for exactly? Because I don't think even the smartest of...
  • 20 Sep Madhuchhanda Banerji
    Is it so bad to eat only pizza?
    Hi David Spin the plate link is not working. Is it possible to provide an alternative link. Thanks
  • 19 Sep David Faure
    Eukaryotic Cell Ultrastructure
    Hi Soner, I think the IB examiners are keen to be testing student understanding of Biology rather than rote learning of a list of specified facts and I think they will be careful to avoid questions on topics in which some textbooks are giving...
  • 19 Sep Bethany MacCarter
    Thanks David, This is very helpful! I also found the documents on measuring uncertainty under topic 1 shortly after posting the first question.