Evolution Introduction

An introduction to Darwin's theory of Evolution

After watching a short video introduction to evolution students answer questions to complete structured notes, about the different types of evidence which support the theory. This is followed by an activity which illustrates the way evolution causes a gradual change in heritable characteristics. In a final activity students look at evidence provided by the fossil record, selective breeding of domesticated animals and homologous structures.

Lesson Description

Guiding Question

What is the evidence which supports the theory of evolution?

In what ways can science provide evidence for a process which takes millions of years?

Activity 1 - The evidence for evolution

What is the evidence for evolution? 

Watch the short video below from Stated Clearly

then answer the questions on the Introductory questions on evolution student's sheet.

Activity 2: Evolution illustration

Complete the activity on the Evolution illustration worksheet to illustrate how how evolution could lead to a gradual accumulation of differences in the average beak length of a species of birds

Activity 3 Review of the main concepts.

Follow this short powerpoint presentation to summarize the main concepts in this introduction to evolution.

Slides to review the main concepts of evolution

Teachers notes

Further Resources

These are some pages which didn't quite make it into the resources on this page.

https://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article/evo_01 - evolutionary gems

//statedclearly.com/articles/category/evolution - stated clearly articles

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