Multiple Choice Questions


These multiple choice quizzes are designed to help students check their understanding of each section of the course.

They are arranged for biological topics at the moment rather than by syllabus section.

They are marked at the click of a button for instant student feedback & correct answers.

Multiple choice questions

Paper 1 of the exam is composed entirely of multiple choice questions.

Each question has 4 answer choices- A, B, C or D

One answer in each question is the correct answer but watch out for the "distracter". This is an answer which is partly right.

A good technique for difficult multi-choice questions is to mark the obviously wrong answers on the the question paper and then choose the best answer from the choice remaining.

Advice to students

These multiple choice questions are self-marking questions
You can click on 'check' at any time to see whether you have the answer correct.

'Check' also displays a helpful note written by an examiner.  Great for revision.

Revision suggestion

Thoroughly revising like this will give you confidence for paper one in the final IB exam.

  • Review your lesson notes before attempting the questions.
  • Attempt the questions.
  • Note down the correct answers for the questions which you got wrong.
  • Review these sections of your notes.
  • Check your notes are correct using a text book.
  • Attempt the questions a second time.

Question sets

Note: Numbered question sets are the most up to date.
Gradually new quizzes will appear for the gaps, e.g. topic 2.5 and 3.3

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