4.8 E-commerce

4.8 E-commerce

ATL Activity

Watch this short video to see how far technology has come - with kids reacting to a very old personal desk computer (pre-internet):

Computers have come a very long way since the 1970s - watch how frustrated the children become trying to get the computer to calculate 2 + 2 (one child even speaks to the computer expecting the computer go give her the answer!)

This video is worth showing your students, who will emphasise with the kids in the video, but also provide some insight to the first generation of personal computers which ultimately led to the Internet revolution and e-commerce (the smartphone is introduced towards the end of the video).

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Other resources

  • Download this infographic from Infographic Journal to see how the internet has revolutionized our world.

CUEGIS essay

Examine how change has impacted on the e-commerce strategy for a business organization you have studied. [20 marks]

Students can choose to investigate an e-commerce business (e-tailer) such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb or Alibaba - without the Internet, these companies would not exist.

Alternatively, students can choose traditional retailers that have had to change their strategies due to the world embracing Internet technologies, such as the increased use of e-commerce and mobile apps on smartphones and tablet computers. Almost all businesses have some presence on the world wide web, so students are free to choose between sole traders or multinationals, for-profit or non-profit, and businesses from the primary, secondary for tertiary sector(s).

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