This year will be my first time teaching IB Business Management. I have been reviewing InThinking Business Management and I think it is great. Thank you very much.

Alfred Rasmussen, Thuringia International School, Germany

InThinking Business Management is an excellent and varied resource for teachers and students. Many thanks for your contributions.

Dr. Rima Dinesh Puri, Senior IB Business Management Examiner & IS and EE Moderator,

My students are enjoying accessing your site, as have I. The way you format the notes, including the advantages and disadvantages are beneficial for note taking and review purposes. As a teacher, I appreciate the varied sources you use for video case...

Nicole Bereti, St. John's School, Canada

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  • 22 Sep Renate Kingston
    Exemplar SL Internal Assessment
    Hi Paul, The sample IA above has a separate section for findings. In the examiners report from May 2020 it states (under Criterion F Structure) that a separate section for Findings followed by one for Analysis is inappropriate ?? Do you know...
  • 17 Sep Paul Hoang
    Aspects of break-even analysis
    Hello, Raimonds Thanks for the notification. I have added the brackets in for clarification. Best wishes
  • 16 Sep Raimonds Graudins
    Aspects of break-even analysis
    Hi, There is a mistake in the formula for Target profit quantity. The expression 'Price – Average Variable Cost' should be in brackets. Cheers!
  • Thank you for the notification, Perpetual It seems the coding does not like the "$" sign, which I have now removed from the options. If you refresh your browser, it should now work (although the questions get randomised each time, so it won't...
  • 15 Sep Perpetual Mwangi
    3.3 Break-even analysis - question bank
    Take a look at the answer for question number 7. The answer is 1.25 but marks it wrong.
  • Many thanks for the notification, Stephen - I've updated the Activity with alternative links. Best wishes
  • I am sure you are aware, but the link to the Stanford University webpage and videos no longer works (or at least doesn't in the UK). Sorry to be the bearer of annoying news!
  • Hello, Pranab - good to see you here The GPM ratio does not require the use of expenses (fixed costs or indirect costs), so it is a red herring. Instead, the $25m is used to calculate the NPM. Best wishes Paul
  • For example, suppose a firm has sales revenue equal to $100 million, the cost of sales (COGS) equals $55 million, and expenses (or overheads) equal $25 million. This means the firm’s gross profit = $100m – $55m = $45m. Hence, the firm’s...
  • 7 Sep Paul Hoang
    Great question to ask your students, Miao If you are asking from the perspective of CONTENT, then the answers are in the Guide as both are taught within the syllabus. If you are asking about CONCEPTS, then take a look here: Best wishes
  • 7 Sep Paul Hoang
    Essay frameworks for P1 & P2
    Hello, Usman Please go to the Exams sections for further guidance with mark schemes for Paper 1 and Paper 2 questions. With the change in the syllabus announced later this year, I will be updating the website with samples for the new assessments...
  • Hi Paul, is there anything on Inthinking which goes through the structure for different types of questions, like 4 markers, etc. I'd also like to find model answers if there are any? Thank you in advance