An excellent resource for teachers and students including varied activities, case studies, essay response questions, quizzes and much more. Specific guidance on Internal Assessments, examination techniques and core makes this website stand out further....

Dr Rima Dinesh Puri, Singapore International School, Singapore

As a new or experienced IB business teacher, you can get overwhelmed by the amount of resources online, from other teachers or from your school but nothing can be compared to InThinking BM resources. Everything you need to be successful as a BM teacher...

Anita Charles, IB Business Teacher, BME international school, Budapest, Hungary

Paul Hoang, it really is an amazing website! Feeling a bit confident now.

Dhanya Seshan, International School of Budapest, Hungary

Subscriber comments

  • 16 Jun Reuben Drake
    Tools, theories & techniques
    Must you have a mix of quantitive and qualitative research tools for the IA? Or can some projects be just qualitative?
  • 13 Jun Lyle Fredericksen
    3.3 Break-even analysis - question bank
    Hi Paul, Q3 there seems to be an error: The answer should be D, $1.25 but it marked my D response wrong. The explanation then has a formatting issue with the decimal in the wrong place for the 2. ($0.25) The formula for contribution per unit...
  • 8 Jun Paul Hoang
    Types of training
    Thanks for the notification, Kelsey - the video has been taken down, so I have used another one. Thanks again, Paul
  • 8 Jun Kelsey Gibb
    Types of training
    Video is not available, thanks.
  • Hi, Damian In the IB world, profit margin is measured using the $ sign, not the % sign. So, profit margin = mark up, rather than GPM. Best wishes
  • 6 Jun Paul Hoang
    Tools, theories & techniques
    Hi, Rania Yes, that is fine to do indeed (and probably more purposeful). Best wishes
  • Hello, Agri I can't see which option contains $225,000 in the questions. Can you please clarify? Thanks Paul
  • Q14-answer is 225k but when clicked is given as incorrect.
  • 1 Jun Rania Mostafa
    Tools, theories & techniques
    Can the student make a partial SWOT analysis. in other words provide for the strengths and weaknesses only if needed?
  • 26 May Damian Werczyński
    Total revenue & Revenue streams
    My comment above is about Exam Practice Question 2 - Tokyo Ceramics.
  • 26 May Damian Werczyński
    Total revenue & Revenue streams
    Hello Paul, I think that it is really confusing for students about point b) Profit margin calculations here... I mean that the formula in answers is for contribution per unit (selling price - cost per unit) and profit margin as a term (and...
  • 24 May Paul Hoang
    Format of the HL IA
    Hello, Virginie 1. Your DPC has received instructions to this effect. It is clearly stated in Coordinators Notes. Please check with him/her about this if you need further clarification. 2. It is strongly recommended, as stated in the Subject...