IA exercise

Sunday 4 October 2015

IA marking exercise for all subscribing teachers

Update: The results and analysis of this exercise are now published.

Teaching for the second year of the new programme started in August/September and many teachers are beginning to worry about the individual scientific investigation and how to apply the criteria when marking it. There are already samples on the teacher support material (see earlier blog) but many teachers have asked for more exemplars. The webpage IA example & marking exercise has exactly this. Please look at this page to see the full details. Then assess this completely new individual scientific investigation as if it was written by one of your own students and compare your marks with those submitted by other subscribing teachers from around the world. The deadline for submitting marks was 30 September 2015. Within a few days of this deadline an analysis of the marks and comments made by all those that submitted their marks will be available on the same page.

I hope this will help everyone determine whether their marking is in line with others and hopefully avoid disappointments when it comes to the moderation of the real thing at the end of this year.

20 Oct 2015
Note taking
5 Aug 2015


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