As we begin a new syllabus in Chemistry, this website has been a place to gain insight and to share ideas. This website guides my planning and delivery of lessons. The links to TOK and the learner profile suggestions help me make meaningful connections...

Melanie Kells, Canadian International School, India

This is a valuable resource for the teaching of IB chemistry.

Carla Grilli, St. Leonard’s School, UK

When in doubt I check InThinking, the only website that I turn to and I am sure to find a reliable answer. I use it almost everyday during preparation, delivery and assessment phase of any chapter. The best, most reliable resource that one could use...

Mirna Raslan, Wellspring Learning Community, Lebanon

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Applying IB chemistry to a diet pill

24 September 2018

One of the reasons why life expectancy is starting to fall in certain parts of the world is the increase in obesity.The number of overweight... more

Is my own hand rub still safe to use?

9 August 2018

One of the topics covered in Option D: Medicinal chemistry is antibiotic resistance. This occurs when micro-organisms become resistant to antibacterials.... more

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  • 18 Oct Geoffrey Neuss
    Topics 8 & 18
    Hello Shalini, Strong acids and strong bases are assumed to be completely dissociated in aqueous solution so the only reaction taking place is the neutralisation reaction between H+ (or H3O+) and OH− for which ΔH is about − 57.6 kJ mol−1...
    Topics 8 & 18
    Hi Geoff, Hope you are doing good. I have a slight confusion here. We know that the enthalpy of neutralization of strong acid/ base is always constant somewhere around - 57.2. But my question is shouldn't this change from strong acid to strond...
  • Yes Winsome, That is fine too as the moderator will definitely get to see them.
  • 17 Oct winsome saldanha
    Submitting the samples for moderation
    Is writing the comments on a separate page right below the student IA be appropriate. I was doing that for th epast years. winsome
  • 16 Oct Geoffrey Neuss
    Multiple choice tests for each topic
    Hi Roman, No, the 880 questions in qBank are completely different. This is so teachers can give the multiple choice 20 questions as tests (or homework) knowing that they have not been seen before by their students.
  • Hello, Are the questions here included in the qBank? Thanks.
  • 15 Oct Geoffrey Neuss
    Hi Puja, The syllabus states that opiates are strong analgesics and “strong analgesics work by temporarily bonding to receptor sites in the brain, preventing the transmission of pain impulses without depressing the central nervous system.”...
  • 15 Oct Puja Goyal
    HI Geoff Opiates are CNS suppressants or not is a big confusion, even oxford book states that they are CNS suppressants. So what do we explain to students
  • 15 Oct Geoffrey Neuss
    Fast track to tests & questions
    Hi Radwa, Fast track is a quick way for teachers to access all the questions. The short-answer questions (and worked answers) and all the quiz questions can all be made available by you for your students to access by going to each sub-topic...
  • 15 Oct Radwa Hussein
    Fast track to tests & questions
    Hi Geoff, Is there a way to give my students access to the 'fast track to tests and questions'? Please let me know if that is possible as I am unable to do so. Thanks!
  • 15 Oct Geoffrey Neuss
    Hi Darren, Normally when using dichromate(VI) to oxidise primary or secondary alcohols the solution is acidified and the green colour is throught to be due to the formation of the Cr3+ complex ion containing ligands other than just water, e.g....
  • 15 Oct Darren Hornell
    Hi Geoff Recently, I was doing the oxidation of ethanol with acidified potassium dichromate and the experiment went as normal, yet at the end the solution turned a light blue from green, I was wondering if you would have a suggestion for why...


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