Great resourses and teaching tips. I swear by this site

Katie Woodcock, Sir James Henderson School, Italy

When in doubt I check InThinking, the only website that I turn to and I am sure to find a reliable answer. I use it almost everyday during preparation, delivery and assessment phase of any chapter. The best, most reliable resource that one could use...

Mirna Raslan, Wellspring Learning Community, Lebanon

The InThinking Chemistry website by Geoffrey Neuss is a valuable resource. The presentations are useful and supplement my course textbook by giving students tasks throughout to check their understanding. The topic introductions provide points of interest...

Nick Pinkerton, Tamagawa Academy K-12 & University, Japan

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Making the site more student-friendly

26 November 2018

Many subscribing teachers have now signed their students up to student access. The pages in ‘Teaching each topic and sub-topic” under "Core... more

Make up a question about the Periodic Table

1 November 2018

To mark the150th. anniversary of the Periodic Table (first proposed by Mendeleev in 1869), IUPAC will be hosting an online quiz during 2019... more

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  • 9 Dec Geoffrey Neuss
    First-row d-block elements
    Hi Sun, Like all transition metals scandium can form the M2+ ion. In the case of scandium, it loses the two 4 s electrons but as it only has one remaining 3d electron which is also easily removed, Sc2+ compounds are not very stable, so are...
  • 9 Dec Sun Kyung Lee
    First-row d-block elements
    Hi Geoff, how do I explain better that Sc can form +2 ion? while some books say it as an exception.
  • 7 Dec Geoffrey Neuss
    Formula of magnesium oxide
    Hi Eleanor, You do need a really hot flame so spirit burners will not work nor will heating mantles - butane gas cigarette lighters are not hot enough either. Do you have a technical department with an oxy-acetylene flame? - The only other...
  • 7 Dec Eleanor Owen
    Formula of magnesium oxide
    Do you have an alternative for a school without bunsen burners just heqting mantles, Please? Eleanor
  • Hi Sarah, Although much of the data will be the same or similar, the MS of methyl propanoate would be expected to show a peak at 57 due to the loss of -OCH3 and no peak at 43. The 1H NMR spectrum would also be considerably different. The signals...
  • Hi Geoffrey, thank you for these examples! My students love trying to solve the structure! I am wondering for this example, methyl propanoate would also work for this too, is that correct?
  • 6 Dec Geoffrey Neuss
    Reaction rates
    Hi Nick, The experimental work is pretty basic so to form the experimental part of a good IA I feel that it would definitely need an imaginative research question to go with it.
  • 6 Dec Nicholas Nannen
    Reaction rates
    Dear Professor Neuss, Thanks. The chips were too hard to manually grind into a powder. We will try with a hammer when we teach this unit again to see if there are actually marble. Cheers, Nick Do you believe a student could make an IA out...
  • 6 Dec Nicholas Nannen
    Reaction mechanism answers
    Thank you Professor Neuss, I see now how you have to trace back to how an intermediate is formed. For some reason I thought you could leave the intermediate in the rate equation at that step. Cheers, Nick
  • 5 Dec Geoffrey Neuss
    Personal engagement
    Hi Nick, I suggest you look at page 2 of the M2018 Subject Report (it is the same for TZ1 and TZ2 and is on My IB) as it outlines how students can address personal engagement throughout the whole report.
  • 5 Dec Nicholas Nannen
    Personal engagement
    Dear Geoffrey, I am starting my first batch of chemistry IAs (I have done physics before). One of my students has suggested to research the percentage of calcium carbonate in shells on our local beach. This seems to fit part of the personal...
  • Syed, You do not have enough information to deduce the molecular formula so B is the answer. 98 g of ethene and 98 g of but-1-ene will both contain 84 g of carbon as will 98 g of any compound with the empirical formula CH2. You need the molecular...


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