As the solo chemistry teacher at an international school, introducing the IB, this site literally "saved my skin" -never felt alone and a wonderful resource. Highly recommended

Robert Nolan, Internationale Friedensschule Köln, Germany

InThinking is a great organisation. I got my first category training with them and it was one extremely useful to my teaching. In addition, the website is highly in line with the training and the IB curriculum and also very helpful. It is such a blessing...

Dina Sonbol, American International School in Egypt, Egypt

The resources available for both teachers and students on this website are remarkable. They are organized, user-friendly and topical. My student feedback was that they found all the material worthwhile and appreciated the access. I was evident to me...

Veronica Riffle, International School of Prague, s.r.o., Czech Republic

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Thinking through multiple choice questions

10 June 2021

Consider a very simple question, What does two plus two make? The obvious correct answer is four. Most people will arrive at four by simple... more

The dangers of “forever chemicals” to firefighters

5 May 2021

The IB covers halogenoalkanes at both SL and HL in Topic 10 Halogenoalkanes & benzene but restricts the coverage to chloro-, bromo-and iodoalkanes.... more

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  • 10 Jun Geoffrey Neuss
    IB specific books
    Hi Peili, None of the new books have been written/published yet as the new syllabus has still not been officially released. Teaching of the new syllabus was due to start this August/September for first exams in 2023 but now it has been put...
  • 10 Jun Peili Sun
    IB specific books
    Dear Geoffrey, I wonder when will the students should use new version of IB books for the examinations. I remember the syllabus would be changed theses years. But I am not sure of the exact time when syllabus changes and when my students should...
  • 9 Jun Geoffrey Neuss
    MC test: Entropy & spontaneity
    Hi Thomas, ΔG and ΔH do both have the same units. as they are both energy. It is ΔS that has the units J K-1 mol-1. Multiplying ΔS by T then gives the units of energy.
  • 8 Jun Thomas Szartowicz
    MC test: Entropy & spontaneity
    Dear Geoffrey, I think there is a slight mistake in Q 2:"ΔG and ΔH both have the units of kJ mol−1". ΔG: JK-1 mol-1. Or the question should be different? Cheers Thomas
  • 7 Jun William Macleod
    Internal Assessment
    Thanks for the reply
  • 7 Jun Geoffrey Neuss
    Internal Assessment
    Hi William, It sounds very reasonable to me. It is after all only meant to be a ten hour piece of work so what you describe should be fine. Depending upon the research question an alternative might be to do it for five different concentrations...
  • 7 Jun William Macleod
    Internal Assessment
    Hello Geof, One of my students wants to do a reaction rate IA. He is concerned about the amount of data he would need to collect. I assured him that as long as he uses 3 diff concentrations, measuring vol of gas given of against time. Using...
  • Thanks for reporting this John - it is corrected now. Glad you are enjoying them.
  • Looks like this problem has a missing NMR data. Has two sets of MS data. Cheers. Love these problems.
  • 2 Jun Geoffrey Neuss
    Writing the essay
    Hi Olga, If you are not happy with the process then as a responsible teacher you have every right not to allow the student to carry out the experiment in your laboratory. Perhaps you can show your student the relevant safety rules – the...
  • 2 Jun Olga Cano
    Writing the essay
    Dear Professor Neuss. I have a problem with a student. He wants to do the EE on the benefits (energy and environmental) of a new fuel that mixes gasoline with alcohol. He wants to burn the fuel and measure the amount of energy and the amount...
  • 27 May Geoffrey Neuss
    Reacting masses and volumes
    If I was marking it I would mark "intermolecular forces comes into play" (OWTTE) as correct. I suspect no student actually wrote the second possible answer given.


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