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Hi fellow chemistry teachers. Iam leaving IB this year but ABSOLUTELY recommend that you lobby your coordinators and administrators to get access to this site. It is something I wish i had done/been aware of and done YEARS ago. Geoff makes things easily...

Jeff Hinton, Greengate School, Mexico

Great resourses and teaching tips. I swear by this site

Katie Woodcock, Sir James Henderson School, Italy

Easy, user friendly site that enables the teachers to easily access to a wealth of materials, questions, TOK, nature of science and exam uestions.

Robert Macbeth, Institut Montana Zugerberg, Switzerland


Great timing!

29 May 2017

Last month, on the 21st. April 2017 to be precise, the UK experienced the first day since 1882 when all the electricity generated in the country... more

Drinking water from sea-water

9 April 2017

Back in 2010 I wrote a blog, “Sticky tape and a pencil”, about the award of the Nobel Prize (for Physics) to scientists at Manchester University... more

Metallic hydrogen

10 February 2017

Back in 1989 Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons claimed to have achieved cold fusion. Cold fusion is the fusion of two small nuclei occurring... more

Subscriber comments

  • 21 Jul Ferawati Insyabela
    Intermolecular forces
    Thank you Geoff.
  • 20 Jul Geoffrey Neuss
    Intermolecular forces
    Hello Ferawati, For a good explanation as to why this is hydrogen bonding and details of an experiment to measure its strength see
  • 20 Jul Ferawati Insyabela
    Intermolecular forces
    Hello Geoff, I just want to get clarification from your explanation in the Teaching Tip section on the third paragraph.."trichloromethane and ethyl ethanoate show dipole-dipole individually and hydrogen bonding when mixed." Do you mean that...
  • 12 Jul Jayashree Sitaraman
    7 & 17. Equilibrium (1)
    Yup got it. Thanks
  • 7 Jul Geoffrey Neuss
    7 & 17. Equilibrium (1)
    Hi Jayashree, In the syllabus under17.1 ‘Understandings’ it states: “The position of equilibrium corresponds to a maximum value of entropy and a minimum in the value of the Gibbs free energy.” This statement is true whether you are...
  • 7 Jul Jayashree Sitaraman
    7 & 17. Equilibrium (1)
    Hi Goeff How do you expect the student to interpret Q.12, in terms of position of equilibrium? If forward process considered, the answer is B, but if the reverse is considered the answer is D. Is it assumed for such questions, by default...
  • 4 Jul Cindy Powell
    Lewis acids & bases questions
    Thank you for your answer. Maybe a few more years of teaching this I can anticipate the type of questions to help my students integrate the knowledge. On a different note. I downloaded the chemical detective app on my phone and I love it! I'm...
  • 4 Jul Geoffrey Neuss
    Topic 1
    Hi Merhan, Welcome. There is a powerpoint for every single sub-topic for the core and AHL on this site that you can show to your students. Each one covers everything on the syllabus and even has worked examples. Go to "Core & AHL" select one...
  • 4 Jul Merhan Elsaadawi
    Topic 1
    Hi Geoff, i just joined the inthinking group and was wondering if you can recommend a site for powerpoints , i am using chemistry for the IB diploma second edition by steve owen. thank u
  • 3 Jul Geoffrey Neuss
    Lewis acids & bases questions
    Hello Cindy, I think the clue is the instruction in the question ‘to use the spectrochemical series’. From the series they can see that cyanide ions are stronger ligands than water so will displace water molecules from aqueous iron ions....
  • 3 Jul Cindy Powell
    Lewis acids & bases questions
    Hi. I looked at your answer for 4c on the spectral chemical series in regards to CN and H2O. When I worked as a chemist at Sigma Chemical I had an anti-cyanide kit on my desk which used methylene blue. I am familiar with the biochemistry of...
  • Hi Lisa, I think that, although technically the answer scheme is correct, it does seem a bit harsh not to accept a single resonance structure that uses dotted lines. For Lewis structures the electrons and any charges are localised on individual...


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