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“The Strangest Man”

29 July 2021

Teachers in the Northern Hemisphere are hopefully enjoying a summer vacation and recharging their batteries after a stressful Covid-dominated... more

Preparing for the May 2021 results

29 June 2021

Next week, on Monday 5th July, the May 2021 IB Diploma results are being released to schools (students will receive their results the next day).... more

Subscriber comments

  • 21 Sep Geoffrey Neuss
    Electrochemical cells questions
    Harvey, Students do not pay anything to use the student access on my Thinking chemistry site. All subscribing schools can sign up all their students for free as part of their subscription which they have already paid. There is absolutely no...
  • It is only because students will have to sign up to use the inthinking resource that this decision has been made. When I already think about the expensive resources my students use, text book, Kognity etc.....great shame. I will now and again...
  • 20 Sep Geoffrey Neuss
    Determining the Mr of an unknown gas
    Thanks Adam, I've repaired it now.
  • FYI, The Victor Meyer link is in need of an update.
  • 20 Sep Geoffrey Neuss
    Strong & weak acid & bases questions
    Hi David, Thank you for spotting and reporting this. You are of course correct and I have now changed it.
  • Geoff, I believe the model answer to Q3 should say: Ethanol, the conjugate acid of the ethoxide ion, will be less dissociated than water as it will be a weaker acid than water, the conjugate ACID (NOT BASE) of the hydroxide ion so the equilibrium...
  • Hello, thank you Geoffrey. I thought this was the case as well. My student sent me her IB text book which said that C=O counts as 0 (which I also thought was wrong). Thank you so much for the reply.
  • 15 Sep Geoffrey Neuss
    Choosing the research question
    Hi Leonie, Investigating the rate of hydrogen peroxide decomposition is quite a popular basis for the IA as the rate changes considerably as the catalyst is changed and the reaction is relatively easy to follow. A good student can run with...
  • 15 Sep Leonie O´Keefe
    Choosing the research question
    Thanks very much Geoffrey I appreciate your response. I have had a question from a student about calculating the Activation energy of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide - is this plausible? It is a fairly well documented reaction but the...
  • 15 Sep Sita Venkataraman
    16.2 Activation energy
    Thanks for the info
  • 14 Sep Geoffrey Neuss
    The nuclear atom questions
    Hi Marta, The question asks you to identify all the missing components. As there are 10 electrons and it is F (so 9 protons) the minus sign on the fluoride ion is one of the missing components.
  • 14 Sep Marta Weglewska
    The nuclear atom questions
    Hi, regarding 1 question, shouldn't there be F- ?


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