This website has been a life saver for ideas on practical work, how to cover the course and what to focus on. More importantly it's my go to for administrative information on all the nitty-gritty rules and regulations of the IB. Oh! And we even used...

Menchu Sol, International School of Manila, Philippines

This is an outstanding resource well worth the cost. It is my go to source of information about core syllabus and IA's. I can't see myself managing without it as I have found it enormously useful and informative. You will find everything here from notes...

Lloyd Gravett, Carmel School, China

This is my go to resource for teaching IB HL Chemistry. I have been teaching for the past 19 years and I can say this is by far the best resource that I have ever taught with. The website taught me how to efficiently teach with the most clarity. My IB...

Neil Corrigan, St Edward High School, USA

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The danger of prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors

6 July 2019

Students studying the medicinal chemistry option need to be able to explain the three main ways in which excess stomach acid can be controlled... more

104Ku - an anachronism in a gulag

27 June 2019

I was reading an article recently on Dark Tourism which describes a visit in 2017 to Karlag, a former Soviet gulag near Karaganda in Kazakhstan.... more

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  • 17 Jul Geoffrey Neuss
    Choosing the research question
    Hi Ayoun, There are several articles discussing the authenticity of the chemistry used by Walter White in the series Breaking Bad e.g. / In one such article () it specifically states, “Walt's explanation is fairly accurate but unfortunately...
  • 17 Jul Ayoun Basharat
    Choosing the research question
    HI Geoffrey, One my students would like to investigate whether a glavanic cell as contructed in the Breaking Bad Tv should be constructed to have a similar output voltage and current of an RV battery. Im not too sure because the link he's investigating...
  • 9 Jul Geoffrey Neuss
    Experimental work Question 6
    Hi Fulya, They are listed in the drop down menu on the left. The link above on "to see the worked answers go to Experimental work question 6" has now been corrected to say "to see the worked answers go to Experimental work (6) answers". Thanks...
  • 8 Jul Fulya Ozdabak
    Experimental work Question 6
    Hi, I can not see the worked answers on Experimental work Question 6,I will be very happy if you can post the worked answers, Many thanks for your support in our classes, Best, Fulya
  • 1 Jul Geoffrey Neuss
    pH curves questions
    Hi Stacey, The answer to 2b is there in pH curves answers (-) where it states “b) The same answer as part (a), i.e. pH = 10.0”. See also the comment on the same page that I made earlier this year in February in answer to Amy’s query about...
  • 1 Jul Stacey Garnett
    pH curves questions
    Hi, There is no answer for Q2b. Could you please confirm the correct answer? Thanks.
  • 13 Jun Vidya Madhavan
    Electrochemical cells (AHL)
    Thanks, for that..I did tell the students that it has to be in reference to whatever is being asked. Thanks for the clarification
  • 12 Jun Vinaya Jaydev
    Paper 2
    Thank you Mr.Geoffrey
  • 12 Jun Geoffrey Neuss
    Electrochemical cells (AHL)
    Hello Vidya, The ECS lists the potentials when one species is in contact with another species and both are involved in the redox reaction when compared to a standard hydrogen electrode. So you should not be referring to the reduction potential...
  • 12 Jun Vidya Madhavan
    Electrochemical cells (AHL)
    Morning Geoffrey, One of my students asked a question regarding the reduction potentials of Oxygen in table 24 of the data booklet. How would they know which one to use? Or will it be stated? One states the reduction potential of oxygen(gas)...
  • 11 Jun Geoffrey Neuss
    Paper 2
    Hi Vinaya, I think it depends upon the precise experimental technique used. If all three are 'accurate' values then it is the average of all three. Many people however use the first reading to get a rough idea of where the end point is then...
  • 11 Jun Vinaya Jaydev
    Paper 2
    Hi Mr. Geoffrey .... I have a query regarding calculating average titre value . So if we have three readings, do we take all average of all 3 readings or only for the last two ( 2nd and 3rd titre values) ignoring the 1st titre reading?


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