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As we begin a new syllabus in Chemistry, this website has been a place to gain insight and to share ideas. This website guides my planning and delivery of lessons. The links to TOK and the learner profile suggestions help me make meaningful connections...

Melanie Kells, Canadian International School, India

Great resourses and teaching tips. I swear by this site

Katie Woodcock, Sir James Henderson School, Italy

The InThinking Chemistry website by Geoffrey Neuss is a valuable resource. The presentations are useful and supplement my course textbook by giving students tasks throughout to check their understanding. The topic introductions provide points of interest...

Nick Pinkerton, Tamagawa Academy K-12 & University, Japan


Is my own hand rub still safe to use?

9 August 2018

One of the topics covered in Option D: Medicinal chemistry is antibiotic resistance. This occurs when micro-organisms become resistant to antibacterials.... more

AI deduces the periodic table

27 June 2018

There is an interesting report from Professor Shoucheng Zhang, a professor of physics at Stanford University which claims that he has used artificial... more

When were elements discovered?

13 April 2018

There are many links on the IB chemistry syllabus that relate to when elements were discovered. Probably the most important one is Topic 3.1... more

Subscriber comments

  • Hi Geoffrey, I am puzzled by the use of "benzene" and "phenyl" to describe functional group containing benzene ring in a compound such as methadone in an IB exam, what is your thought on the terms for benzene-containing compounds?
  • 19 Aug Geoffrey Neuss
    The nuclear atom
    Thanks Susan - I've repaired the link now.
  • 19 Aug Susan Schamp
    The nuclear atom
    Hi, Excellent resources but the link for the article is broken.
  • 18 Aug Geoffrey Neuss
    Other good practicals
    Hi Puja, I'm not sure exactly what equipment and chemicals you have access to - many students do this analysis by extracting the caffeine and weighing it. Get your student to do an internet search as there are several references on determining...
  • 18 Aug Puja Goyal
    Other good practicals
    HI Geoff One of my students is doing an IA on Caffeine content of different brands of tea. Can you share an easy procedure on how to compare Caffeine content in different brands through colorimeter.
  • 18 Aug Cindy Powell
    9 & 19 Redox processes (1)
    Hi Dr. Neuss. Electrolysis is my very weak area so I need your assistance in understanding the answer of 40.0 cm 3 to question 19. I have NaOH-> Na + + OH-, then the OH can be written as 4OH- -->2 H2O + 02. I also understand that the 2 H2O...
  • 17 Aug Geoffrey Neuss
    Oxidation & reduction (1) answers
    Hi Cindy, The answer is manganate (VII) ions which is given above - not Mn. The manganate(VII) ion is MnO4- so if a student gave MnO4- rather than manganate(VII) I would mark it correct (as shown above for the answer to 6a) but I would mark...
  • Hi Dr. Neuss. On 8b would it be counted incorrect if a student answered with MnO4- instead of just Mn? Thanks.
  • 16 Aug Geoffrey Neuss
    Topic 1
    Hi Oscar, The IT people who work on all the InThinking sites have stopped direct copying of text as some people were misusing it and claiming it as their own work. You can of course still project anything on any page during your lessons and...
  • 16 Aug Oscar Becwarika
    Topic 1
    Dear Geoff, I am not able to use the inthinking pages for planning as used I to . I can't copy the text. I have checked with my department and they say they also can't . Please reactive . Thanks in advance
  • 9 Aug Puja Goyal
    Topics 8 & 18
    thanks a ton Geoff for clearing that.
  • 9 Aug Geoffrey Neuss
    Other good practicals
    Hi Cendrella, I don't think it is that easy to get an accurate and reliable result in a school laboratory but have a look at /~jaltig/Lactose.pdf


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