As the solo chemistry teacher at an international school, introducing the IB, this site literally "saved my skin" -never felt alone and a wonderful resource. Highly recommended

Robert Nolan, Internationale Friedensschule Köln, Germany

InThinking is a great organisation. I got my first category training with them and it was one extremely useful to my teaching. In addition, the website is highly in line with the training and the IB curriculum and also very helpful. It is such a blessing...

Dina Sonbol, American International School in Egypt, Egypt

This has been a survival guide and good inspiration for lessons.

Magdalena Tsavkova, Vienna International School, Austria

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28 February 2019

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  • 23 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    Fundamentals of organic chemistry
    Hi Lucy, In the past there have been quite a few errors in the specimen papers. This is because they do not go through the same amount of rigorous checking that the actual examination papers and markschemes do. There are clearly six electrons...
  • 23 Apr Lucy Mwandawiro
    Fundamentals of organic chemistry
    Hi Geoffrey, we were wondering why the answer to the specimen 2009 HL P1, question 9 How many electrons are used in the carbon - carbon bond in C2H2, is given as B which is 4 and not C which is 6
  • 22 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    First-row d-block elements
    Shweta, Past IB papers are copyright IB and can be purchased from Follets /
  • 22 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    Voltaic cells
    Charles, There are worked answers for all the quizzes, tests and short-answer questions etc. The worksheets on the practicals are to help the students understand what they are doing and I assume that their teachers are able to guide them here...
  • 22 Apr Charles Kerr
    Books for enjoyment
    Thanks for the feedback. I understand you provide a lot of information on this site, I just wanted a source that is all in one place. I found a handbook on amazon but this was not electronic. I begin teaching IB Chemistry in August and I...
  • 22 Apr Charles Kerr
    Voltaic cells
    Hi Geoff, Do you provide answers to the questions set on the worksheet?
  • 22 Apr Shweta Jain
    First-row d-block elements
    Hi, where can I find a copy of Nov 2018 Hl paper ?
  • 21 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    Books for enjoyment
    Charles, Most of the IB (and other examination boards) chemistry books are also in electronic format now. I've suggested many activities and given examples of real life applications on this site too including in the blog (e.g. and ).
  • 21 Apr Charles Kerr
    Books for enjoyment
    Can you please suggest some e-books that cover lesson activities and real life applications?
  • 17 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    SL Quizzes on option sub-topics
    Thanks for spotting this John. I've corrected it now.
  • 17 Apr Swati agarwal
    Other good practicals
    Thanks Mr. Geoffrey for guidance
  • 17 Apr John Oberthier
    SL Quizzes on option sub-topics
    Hi Geoff, In the online quiz for D1, the question "What is meant by risk-to-benefit ratio?" has two choices that have the exact same answer.


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