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This has been a survival guide and good inspiration for lessons.

Magdalena Tsavkova, Vienna International School, Austria

As we begin a new syllabus in Chemistry, this website has been a place to gain insight and to share ideas. This website guides my planning and delivery of lessons. The links to TOK and the learner profile suggestions help me make meaningful connections...

Melanie Kells, Canadian International School, India

You are doing a wonderful job by helping IB teachers to have materials which helps them prepare their lessons, especially with the new syllabus for 2016 exams. I cherish the way each topic gives a presentation which helps the teacher to arouse the interest...

Chidiebere Obi Machabeng College, International School of Lesotho, Lesotho


When were elements discovered?

13 April 2018

There are many links on the IB chemistry syllabus that relate to when elements were discovered. Probably the most important one is Topic 3.1... more

Update and a problem to solve

31 January 2018

Quiz questions and galleries for all the sub-topics of Option B : Biochemistry and Option C : Energy for both SL and HL and all the SL sub-topics... more

What are universities looking for?

8 December 2017

An interesting report commissioned by ACS International Schools in partnership with the IB and IBSCA was published earlier this month. It asked... more

Subscriber comments

  • 18 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    Adam, You can buy them from Follet see
  • 18 Apr Adam Goold
    Please, can you advise where I should source past papers from?
  • 18 Apr Mark O'Rourke
    pH curves
    Hi Geoff, I think there used to be a presentation on pH curves here, that doesn't seem to be here now. Thanks Mark
  • 17 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    Formula of magnesium oxide
    Puja, It is a very simple experiment to carry out and usually students have no problems. Did you clean the magnesium first with some emery paper as that gives it a fresh surface to help with the combustion? Perhaps better to try it with the...
  • 17 Apr Puja Goyal
    Formula of magnesium oxide
    Sir I carried out this expeiment using a small crucible and heating it on bunsen burner. I faced a few problems: 1. The ribbon took forever to catch fire and burn, 2. The mass of MgO formed in the end came out very less . There was a lot of...
  • Hi Korin, I’m always a little wary of how I answer questions like this as the rules and regulations regarding laboratory experimentation in schools can vary not only from country to country but even from locality to locality within the same...
  • Would you feel comfortable having a class do this experiment on the bench top? my classroom is well ventilated but only has two small hoods for general use. I struggle with doing organic labs for this reason. Working in an organic lab before...
  • 16 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    pH curves
    Hi Shalini, I've discussed this in the last paragraph in 'Pause for Thought' above.
    pH curves
    Dear Geoff, Please inform if calculating pH of a buffer is is the syllabus of HL this year? Guide says no but I found a question here on your site. Please clarify. Regards, Shalini
  • 15 Apr Minka Peeters Weem
    Chemistry question bank now live
    Yes, sorry Geoff. I indeed refer to the IB question bank. I realise it is not your responsibility but I was actually hoping the problems were my fault and someone could help me fix them. It sounds like this may not be the case ....
  • 15 Apr Geoffrey Neuss
    Vitamins questions
    You are of course correct Amy, it does say that the names of deficiency diseases do not need to be learned. However in the Guide under sub-topic B.5 in 'Understandings' it says "Vitamin deficiencies in the diet cause particular diseases" and...
  • 15 Apr Amy Flindt
    Vitamins questions
    In the guidance section of the syllabus it says the names of deficiency diseases do not need to be learned. Based on that, a questions such as number 3 would not be asked. Is my thinking wrong?


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