Making the site more student-friendly

Monday 26 November 2018

New top heading

Many subscribing teachers have now signed their students up to student access. The pages in ‘Teaching each topic and sub-topic” under "Core and HL" are probably the most popular as they cover all the material necessary to both teach and learn the course and of course were originally designed for teachers. Some of the page content such as ‘Teaching tips’ is however not really relevant to your students. To make the course much more accessible to students who have been given access I have added a new section  Complete course for students.  This covers all your students’ needs for the syllabus content of the core, AHL and all four options with a page for each sub-topic. Teachers will still have control over when and whether they wish to give their students direct access to the quizzes and short-answer questions. They can do this by ticking the relevant boxes for each class in ‘Add/Remove’ content for each sub-topic in ‘Teaching the topics’ when they go into Groups in ‘Students access’.  “Teaching each topic & sub-topic” is now just for teachers and still contains all the material in the “Complete course for students” together with the extra information just for teachers.


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